35+ Gadget Tips for Battlefield 2042

In this guide, you will find 35+ Gadget tips for Battlefield 2042 that you should know about.

Frag Grenade

The first one is the Frag grenade; you can throw these grenades back at the enemies as you will have more time to react. When you find one close to you, you need to look at it and press X on Xbox, E on PC, or Square on Playstation to push it away. The grenade will explode near an enemy, and it will deal damage.

Incendiary Grenade

These grenades are very useful for hitting enemies in open vehicles as they will kill the enemies inside of them. They also deal damage to gadgets like the insertion Beacon or more. Just hit the gadget with the incendiary, and it will destroy it.

Smoke Grenade & Smoke Launcher

You can counter incendiaries with smoke. If the enemies have thrown an incendiary grenade at a down teammate, you can easily extinguish the fire by throwing a smoke grenade at it with the launcher. It can be a bit harder sometimes. Smoke can be very helpful if you’re looking to gain more XP during a match because you will get an assist for all enemies the teammates kill inside of smoke. You will also receive additional XP if your teammate heals or revives someone inside your smoke cloud.

Concussion Grenade

Concussion Grenades turn your screen white after hitting you, and if you don’t like it, you can also change this effect to dark. Go to Options and navigate to the Accessibility tab to do so.

Prox Sensor

You can throw the sensors back at the enemies, and then these sensors will work for your team and will spot enemies. Press E, X, or Square when close to them to push them away from your team. You can also hack them, and they will let you spot the enemy who has thrown them.

EMP grenades

You can use these grenades to disrupt infantry, disable the weapon systems of vehicles, or throw them at all kinds of gadgets to set them out of order. If you throw them at Anti-tank mines, they will be completely removed from the map without causing any explosion. The most useful mechanic of EMP grenades is that they neutralize the control panels of doors and gates. Just throw in EMP towards the door, and the blast will neutralize the control panel.

Throwing Knife

You must know that it’s one shot on a range of up to 100 meters to the head and the upper body. But you will need two knives to the upper body for a kill for above 100 meters distance. You can pick them up again if you have hit or missed your target.

Repair tool

The repair tool can not only repair vehicles but also damage them. If you’re facing infantry, you can kill them with the tool as well, and you can also use the tool in the open passenger seats of any vehicle to repair it from the inside. When you repair a vehicle, you will receive repair assistance.

FXM-33 AA Missile Launcher

You must know the count of enemy flares to use it more efficiently. When you log on to a helicopter, they will fire flares, and the aircraft will be vulnerable once they are fired. You can log on to it, so counting the flares can be helpful to know the perfect time to lock on and fire. You can also target small air vehicles with FXM.

Recoilless M5

You must know that if it has a yellow rectangle, it’s an open invitation for you to lock on and fire. Some vehicles only need one shot. The M5 also can perfectly measure distances. If you point the crosshair of the recoilers at an object and look at the display, it will show you the exact range at R. After that; you can set the right distance for your shot. For an object that is 100 meters away, you have to use the first line and the second line for an object that is 200 meters away.

Anti-tank mines

When you place them and you die, they will stay on the map, and they can only be removed by destroying or disarming them. If you see enemies at mines and don’t want to waste your ammo on them, walk over to them and pick them up. It will remove them from the map, and you will also receive XP. If you are not very patient and want to use them more, you can also throw them directly at a vehicle.

IBA Armor plate and Med pen

The armor plates can be resupplied at all ammo crates or ancient Loadout drops. Med pens can only be resupplied at med crates.

Ammo & Med crates

You can always see the location of these crates on your minimap, so check your map for nearby crates and get your resupplies if you need ammo or heels. You can interact with the crates after finding them out. You can also identify teammates who can help you buy an icon above their heads. Once you have already supplied or healed, the marker will disappear.

C5 Explosive

You must look closer at The Detonator after blowing something up because you can find a little Easter egg there.


You can use Soflam to designate vehicles, and it also spots infantry with a red dot above their heads. You can change the scope’s zoom by pressing the melee button, F on PC, or right stick on the console if the enemies are further away. Soflam has a red scope Clint for the enemies you are looking at directly.

Insertion Beacon

While your squad mates can use your beacon infinitely, it will be destroyed when you spawn on it. If you have placed the beacon at a spot but would like to place a new one at a different location, you can also resupply it at Angel’s Loadout crate. But you can only have one active beacon on the map. You can use the beacon as an additional spawn point and stability to get up on obstacles like containers.