Absolver: How to Save Game

Absolver is a visually appealing game. The combat engine in the game employs a novel real-time battle deck that allows players to pre-program their assaults and combinations of strikes, blocks, dodges, and parries. The game also has a robust customization system that allows players to design their combat style based on their preferences. The game’s online component allows users to compete in PvP matches or work together in PvE tasks.

Absolver includes an auto-save feature that automatically keeps track of your progress throughout the game. This means players don’t need to manually save their game since the system does it for them, ensuring that their progress is recorded without having to worry about manually saving.

Auto-Save system 

The auto-system in Absolver records your progress automatically. This system triggers whenever you enter a new area, win fight, gain experience, and equip a new gear each time. 

We have covered the method to save your game in Absolver.