All Secret Loot Locations in Arcane Odyssey

In this guide, you will find the locations of all the secret loot in Arcane Odyssey. You will learn how to get to the particular location and get the chest.

1. Northern Jaws

The first secret is located in the Northern Jaws, near Red Wake. You will need to go to the big rock near the two small rocks, as shown in the image below.

Move to the top of this rock and break the floor to fall. After that, you will find a king and a lot of loot; you can pick up all the loot from there.

2. Stepstones

The second location is the Stepstones, so you must head there and start climbing the causal path. Move up from the ledge, and you will find some wooden barriers; now, you have to jump down, and there will be a different type of rock material.

Break the floor to fall. There will be four chests, and that’s one of the secrets.

3. Cirrus Island

Make your way to Cirrus Island, head to the main city and turn left from the fountain. Go straight and enter the room at the end. Read the journal, and that’s your third secret chest.

4. Skycliff Island

To find the next secret, you will need to go to Skycliff Island and find six kinds of floating islands.

Head to the biggest one and enter the cave. You will find your chest inside it.

5. FrostMill Island

Afterwards, head to FrostMill island and move up to the ruined town. Once you get there, you have to find a small hole in the floor and fall from it. There will be a giant skeleton and three chests.

6. Limestone key

To find out the next secret, go to Limestone key, and you will find a small sunken ship in the ocean. Go to the side of this ship, and there will be a small opening; move inside, and it’s a hidden location in the game where you will find the chest.

7. Harvest Island

Go to harvest Island and head towards the bottom of the waterfall. Move inside the small cave, and don’t use your weapons, as there are three gunpowder barrels. It is one of the secret loot locations in Arcane Odyssey.

8. Munera Garden

Go to Munera Garden and get to the port to find the next secret. Move straight towards the door and break it to get inside. It is the secret chest in this area.

9. Shell Island

Afterwards, go to the Southwestern side of Shell Island, and you’ll get to a little beach. Climb the mountain and enter the cave, a hidden spot in the game. You will need a torch as it’s very dark inside, then move to the left side, and you will find chests there.

10. Ravenna

Go to Ravenna and then go to the centre of Rasna town. Climb up the mountain to get inside the cave entrance. You will find three chests inside it.

11. Wind-row Island

You will need to go to the southwest side of Wind-row Island. Jump up on the right terrain, climb up the ledges, and you will find a brick structure. It is one of the secret loots in the game.

12. Whispering caverns

To find the next secret, go to Whispering Caverns and the dock. It is recommended to have some food, so your stamina lasts longer. Enter the little opening, follow the path, and find a little skeleton. After that, turn left and follow the path and then take a right.

There will be another skeleton; you must go right side and climb up to the air duct. Restore your stamina and then head down again, go through the gap in the wall, and there will be another air duct. Get your air back, then move down, and you will find chests. You can loot these chests and then follow the same path to exit.

13. Akursius Keep

To find the last secret, go to Akursius Keep. You will meet a guy who has a quest to find his book. Accept this quest, and it will put the marker for the quest on this tower. Go to that tower and fall to find the secret. Falling and coming up quickly is recommended as this area tier is damaging, and you may die there.