Anime War Tycoon Codes

Roblox Anime War Tycoon takes you on an epic journey of building, battling, and conquering in the world of anime war. You have to recruit workers, expand your base, and evolve your structures as you strive to become a formidable force. Acquire new islands to expand your base and unleash the full potential of your growing empire.

Active Codes

sennagames_ytUse it to get +120.0K Yen
releaseUse it to get +15 Minutes of 2x Yen
kodak_ytUse it to get +2x Spins
itsping764Use it to get +6 Minutes of 2x Worker Speed
dobbiyblox_ytUse it to get +15 Minutes of 2x Damage
coffeeplays_ytUse it to get +2x Spins
bloxian_devs_tkUse it to get +120.0K Yen

How to Redeem Anime War Tycoon Codes?

Follow the steps below to redeem Anime War Tycoon codes:

  • Launch Roblox Anime War Tycoon and select your preferred gameplay resolution. 
  • From the right corner of the screen, locate and press the Twitter button. 
  • Input the code in the textbox, and hit the “Redeem” button.