Automatic Bone Meal Farm – Minecraft Bedrock

In this guide, you will find out how to set up an AUTOMATIC BONE MEAL FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock.

Materials Needed:

You’d need the following items:

288 Soul Sand

2 Levers

36 Signs

18 Magma

2 Hoppers

2 Powered Rails

2 Chests

16 Scaffolding

14 Rails

270 Building Blocks

1 Minecart Hopper

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: This farm has to be built above an ocean.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the ocean.

Step 3: Build up the service.

Step 4: Remove the top 2 blocks.

Step 5: Place a magma block at the top.

Step 6: And make 18 block long magma line.

Step 7: Remove this pillar of blocks.

Step 8: Build 2 blocks on one side of your platform.

Step 9: Do the same on the other side.

Step 10: Now build 2 blocks down on one side and make a line out of blocks like this.

Step 11: For the next step, you need rails and levers.

Step 12: Place a powered rail in the corner.

Step 13: Now place 7 normal rails next to it.

Step 14: Make the same pattern on the other side.

Step 15: Place levers below the powered rails and flick them.

Step 16: Place a chest at the two middle blocks.

Step 17: Go to the back, and remove the two building blocks.

Step 18: Place two hoppers connected to the chest.

Step 19: Place normal rails at the top of these hoppers.

Step 20: Place a minecart hopper over here. And you should have a working rail system.

Step 21: It will collect all your items.

Step 22: Close it off like this.

Step 23: You can place glass at the chests.

Step 24: For the next step, go to one of your pillars.

Step 25: Extend it by 9 more blocks.

Step 26: Do this for the other side as well.

Step 27: Now go to the other side and do the exact same thing.

Step 28: Do it for the last side too.

Step 29: Connect them like this.

Step 30: Good job, let’s go further.

Step 31: Fill in with soul sand like this, and place a normal block in the middle.

Step 32: You can also just fill the middle row first.

Step 33: Now fill soul sand like this.

Step 34: Remove the middle row of normal blocks you just placed.

Step 35: Make a 2-block high wall around your platform.

Step 36: Now place signs like this. You can hold shift to take no damage from the magma.

Step 37: Also place them right here.

Step 38: Now that’s done, place water on these positions.

Step 39: It will fill up the whole pool.

Step 40: Now place slabs at the top block of the water.

Step 41: Do this for all water blocks.

Step 42: Now place water on these positions.

Step 43: Do the same on the other side.

Step 44: You can now remove all the slabs.

Step 45: For the other side as well of course.

Step 46: Let’s make your AFK spot.

Step 47: Place 16 Scaffolding down right here.

Step 48: Go on top of the scaffolding.

Step 49: Extend it by 9 blocks to this side.

Step 50: It is your AFK spot.

Step 51: Fish will spawn and they will get killed by the magma.

Step 52: Right now the chest is hard to access.

Step 53: You can fix that by making yourself a little breathing area.

Step 54: After AFKING for 5 minutes, this is the loot you can get.

Step 55: It will give you around 25 stacks of bonemeal per hour!