Best Warzone 2 Audio Settings – Make Footsteps Louder

This guide will provide you with the Best Warzone 2 Audio Settings – Make Footsteps Louder.

In-Game Settings

1- First, boot up your game, click on the settings button in the top left side of the screen and then select audio settings.

2- Ensure the Audio Mix is set to PC under the Volume tab. Set the Master Volume to 100 and the Music volume to 0. Dialogue Volume should be set between 30 to 50. Set the Effects volume and Hit Markers Volume to more than 80. Ensure that the MONO audio is turned OFF.

3- If your audio is too loud, adjust it through your headset, PC, or console before touching the in-game settings. Be sure you have the correct audio output device selected.

4- Then, scroll down under the Voice chat settings and set your Voice chat device. Set the correct Microphone device and the Hit marker’s sound preference according to your choice.

5- Turn ON the option when Mute minimizes it and turn ON Reduce tinnitus sound. It will reduce the harshness of sound when you’re stunned or flashed. 

Astro Headset Settings

1- For Astros, you will need the  Astro command center application. Select one of the profile presets from the middle.

2- Click on the Advance Settings button on the bottom right side of the screen. Press the Ok button if any message pops up in front of you.

3- Set the center frequency values to 80, 260, 1460, 2670, and 6450. Set the levels to 2, 2, 2, 5, and 2. Set the bandwidth to 2.0, 2.1, and 1.8.

4- Once this is done then, press the close button to close and save these settings.

5- Name your file, then click save again. Click on Sync to the device option and tap on Yes. 

Steel Series Sonar

1- For SteelSeries Sonar, you will need the Steel Series GG application. For this, click on the following link

2- Once the application is downloaded, open it, and sign in to your Steel Series account. Or you can create one by clicking the “I don’t have an account” button.

3- Click on Sonar from the left side of the screen and then Set the game output device you use for Warzone 2. Then click on get game output.

4- Set the chat output device to the voice chat through which you listen. This might be the same as gameplay or a separate chat output. Click on set chat output.

5- Set the microphone input to the mic you use to communicate. This may be your headset microphone or an external mic. Click on the set mic input. Then wait for some time until the setup process finishes.

6- Click on the Continue button, go to the game and click on continue with default settings. At the top of the screen, you will find the configuration settings, which have preset settings for different games. Try all the settings and see which suits you the best.

7- Once you’ve selected a preset, you can select the dot points and adjust them according to your choice. Adjust the bass, voice, and treble sliders at the bottom of the screen. For Warzone, only adjust the bass and treble.