Clash of Lone Blades Guide – Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you how to complete the clash of Lone Blades easily. Do note that this gameplay will be unlocked upon completing Act 3 of the event story and a new challenge will be unlocked every day.



After completing Act 3, go to the island located northwest of Ritou with the wave rider.

Talk to Tasuhiko Tarou to unlock the gameplay.

Talk to Ookubo Sanzaemon to attempt the Day 1 challenge.

You can start the challenge with Dire instead of serious to save some time.

In this game mode, your weapon and skills will be deactivated. You can use elemental skill keybinding to parry (block the enemy attack).

Wait for the charged attack from the enemy and press elemental skill immediately when the enemy sword starts to glow.

When you perform a perfect parry, there will be some orea\nge items revolving around you. Hit the enemy to deal massive CRIT damage on the enemy.

You should be able to clear the challenge pretty easily by just perfect parrying the enemy and hitting the enemy once after the perfect parry.