Complete Guide To Break-Ins, Snooping And Blackmailing – The Sims 4 For Rent

This comprehensive guide provides detailed insights into the art of snooping and uncovering hidden secrets within The Sims 4. It will also elucidate the strategic utilization of these uncovered secrets to blackmail other Sims in the game.

Break-Ins, Snooping, Finding Secrets

There are different methods to uncover various secrets of sims within the game. First, you can go to their houses and look through their bookshelves, mailboxes, dresses, and computers to find a hidden secret.

You can also Eavesdrop Sims on their front door or when singing them in conversation with other Sims.

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You can start a break-in event at the Sims home and start snooping in all the usual places to uncover secrets. This event has a timer and the residents will return home once the timer is up. If you have the Tiger Inspector badge, then you’ll not need to worry bout the timer and the residents returning home.

In this case, you can use the tiger inspector badge and explain that there might have been a tiger around. You can get this badge by sneaking into the Tiger Sanctuary at night and completing the final stage of the Seeker of Secrets aspiration.

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Secrets And Blackmailing

You can find the secrets in the Sim profile and you can confront the Sim about that secret. Go to the friendly interactions section and navigate to the gossip section. You can select the option to Keep the Secret to get a Friendship moodlet with the target Sim and also a confident moodlet.

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You can also use the secret to Blackmail the Sims. For this, go to the Mean interactions, navigate to the Malicious section, and select the Blackmail option. You will gain 100 Simoleons and it will lower your friendship with the target Sim.

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You can give the Kleptomaniac trait to your sim to let them swipe objects. You can blackmail Sims by using the listening device if you have the Strangerville game pack. then know that

Purchase this object and bugs, then plant these bugs on your target Sims. After that, go back to your listening device to listen in on these sims, and then invite that Sim to blackmail him for some simoleons.

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