Core of the Apparatus Recipe Guide – Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you the walkthrough for the new event. We can get roughly 420 Primogems for this event.

Day 1 Speedrun

You need to be at least AR30, completed Ritou Escape Plan, and Chisato’s Letter world quest in order to get this event quest.

Talk to Bertrand at the Ritou island in order to receive the event gadget Material collector.

Equip the gadget from the gadget inventory.

Do note that this is the day 1 guided creation of “Quest Creations”. Freestyle creations will only be unlocked after completing the quest creations (Day 3 onward).

After teleporting to Stormbearer point waypoint, head east towards the mining spot.

After collecting some ores, you’re required to collect some flowers. Head northwest to collect the sweet flower nearby and head northeast for the mint.

Lastly, collect the berries at the northeast and head southeast for some Valberies

Go back and talk to Bertrand. After completing the quest, you can claim the primogems at the event menu.


Freestyle creations are only available after completing the quest creations for all 3 steps (fully7 unlock on day 3)

We will be doing source materials collection on day 1, Elemental charge on Day 2, and Core Activation on Day 3.

Day 2 Demonstration

To perform Electro elemental charge (unlockable on day 2), teleport to Cecilia Garden domain waypoint and head north, and stand beside the electro stone.

To perform Pyro elemental charge (unlockable on day 2), teleport to the domain waypoint north of Cryo regisvine and head east.

Stand beside the pyro flower to charge the gadget.

To perform Hydro elemental charge (unlockable on day 2), teleport to the thousand winds temple west waypoint and head west.

Stand on the water to charge the gadget.

Day 3 Explanation

Core Activation

This is step 3b of generating a redemption voucher for a robot which is unlockable on day 3.

You can easily complete this step by eliminating the specific enemy.


There is a total of 20 robot recipes in this event and there is a certain randomness in getting a specific recipe.

70% – getting a specific voucher

20% – getting voucher 10 or 20

10% – getting a random voucher

You can only have up to 20 vouchers in your inventory but you can gift extra vouchers to your friends.

We can only redeem up to 4 robots with the redemption vouchers from Bertrand.

Robot Recipe Part 1

Voucher 01 – Fruits/Flower + Hydro + Hydro Hypostasis

Voucher 02 – Fruits/Flower + Hydro + Hydro Slime

Voucher 03 – Fruits/Flower + Hydro + Hydro Specter

Voucher 04 – Fruits/Flower + Electro + Electro Hypostasis

Voucher 05 – Fruits/Flower + Electro + Electro Slime

Voucher 06 – Fruits/Flower + Electro + Electro Specter

Voucher 07 – Fruits/Flower + Pyro + Pyro Hypostasis

Voucher 08 – Fruits/Flower + Pyro + Pyro Slime

Voucher 09 – Fruits/Flower + Pyro + Pyro Specter

Voucher 10 – Fruits/Flower + any of the above (20% chance)

Robot Recipe Part 2

Voucher 11 – Ores + Hydro + Hydro Hypostasis

Voucher 12 – Ores + Hydro + Hydro Slime

Voucher 13 – Ores + Hydro + Hydro Specter

Voucher 14 – Ores + Electro + Electro Hypostasis

Voucher 15 – Ores + Electro + Electro Slime

Voucher 16 – Ores + Electro + Electro Specter

Voucher 17 – Ores + Pyro + Pyro Hypostasis

Voucher 18 – Ores + Pyro + Pyro Slime

Voucher 19 – Ores + Pyro + Pyro Specter

Voucher 20 – Ores + any of the above (20% chance)