Crafting & Weapon Tips for Like a Dragon: Ishin!

This guide will help you with crafting and weapon tips like a dragon. You need a decent weapon that will lead to the last Dungeon battle. There are different methods such as virtue exchange, blacksmith shops, dungeon missions, and Sanada militants to get numerous weapons. You need to follow all steps mentioned in each method to get the best crafts and weapons.

1. Virtue Exchange

First, go to the upper left corner of the map to find the priest’s shrine and locate a certain establishment. Click the list on the map and it will be sorted.

Then unlock this virtual shop from the shrine by employing virtue and then upgrade the shop to enhance the item selection.

You may craft them quickly and easily from the dungeon which is RNG.

2. Blacksmith Shop

You may go to a blacksmith shop that has a nice selection of materials.

3. Dungeon Missions

These are based on RNG when it comes to getting the required item. You may not get the selective things when playing a specific mission.

4. Sanada Militants

The original Ishin has made this, so you will have to hold grind, and it is not much different you will come back to the dungeons sooner or later because they have almost everything you need. There are few weapons that use vegetables as materials.

To get these vegetables, you have to go to Haruka’s farm. To locate that farm, you need a boat in Fushimi to be able to get more vegetables by unlocking them from Schwein.

To boost the process of farming vegetables, go to these pharmacies to get fertilizers.

In Fushimi, you need a bunch of taros which can be made on the farm to craft a jelly blade.

To efficiently utilize fertilizer, you need to interact with this shed to open the farming menu and reset farming planning. Then go inside and put as many totals as you need. After that, use some fertilizer and leave that menu.

Now go inside some nearby house which will reset the farm plan and allow you to use the fertilizer again. It is crucial as you cannot use fertilizer in a row, so resetting it will greatly help.

Once you craft something from the blacksmith, you will be allowed to use different kinds of hammers. You must use the Kiwami hammer to get something with the highest tier.

Now pick the Oni-maru sword as it has the most damage efficiency, and it has bad numbers of empty slots to put add extra seals in it.

However, the golden gun is a nice option that can be purchased from the gambling den by exchanging 125,000 tags or raising the chicken.

Similarly, model 14 gives good damage and a handsome amount of seal slots.

It is preferred to employ a divine dragon emblem as a main accessory. It is in equilibrium with the amount of defense provided and seal slots.

Brawler’s binding can be used as body armor as it has an increased base defense and seal slots rate.

Unbreakable stance gauntlets may be used as it gives a balance between defense and slots.

This guide highlights different methods to craft and weapons that can be used in this game. There are a few weapons that have been suggested in this guide as well to get benefit out of it.