Creeper Farm – Minecraft Bedrock

This guide will let you know how to set up the best CREEPER Farm in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.

Materials Needed:

You’d need the following items:

4 Pistons

4 observers

4 Redstone torches

2 Chests

1 Glass block

1 Lever

5 Torches

1 Hopper

1 Minecart with Hopper

1 Rail

1 Trident

2 Water Buckets

2 Stacks of Ladders

1 Stack and 12 Stairs

47.5 Stacks of Solid blocks

19.5 Stacks of Slabs

6 Stacks of Buttons

22 Stacks of trapdoors

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: It is recommended to build this farm over an ocean.

Step 2: This will improve the spawn rates.

Step 3: You have to build up to Y level 193.

Step 4: You can build up by placing a ladder and building blocks like this.

Step 5: Do this until you hit Y level 193.

Step 6: Now you have to build a  little platform.

Step 7: Build 1 block on the side and 2 blocks on the other side.

Step 8: Just like this.

Step 9: Extend this by 5 blocks.

Step 10: Fill the platform in.

Step 11: Place a normal piston in these positions.

Step 12: Connect Redstone torches to the pistons like this.

Step 13: Place an observer like this after that.

Step 14: Do this in every corner.

Step 15: It should look like this.

Step 16: Now place solid blocks over here.

Step 17: Throw your trident to this piston.

Step 18: Place a glass above the observer and a lever on this piston.

Step 19: Place a slab over here.

Step 20: Go to your ladder and place 4 blocks like this.

Step 21: Remove these 3 blocks.

Step 22: Extend by 4 blocks.

Step 23: Extend the side by 1 block.

Step 24: Place a double chest.

Step 25: Make sure that they are aligned below your trident killer.

Step 26: Place a hopper on top of your chest.

Step 27: Place a rail down with a minecart hopper at the top.

Step 28: Your storage system is done now.

Step 29: You can check it throw something in and it will end up in the chest.

Step 30: As you can see, you have got out item in the chest.

Step 31: Place some torches so no mobs can spawn on this platform.

Step 32: Go up, you can use scaffolding for that.

Step 33: Place 2 torches right here.

Step 34: Place solid blocks in these positions.

Step 35: Extend this by 19 blocks.

Step 36: Fill the corners in after building the layers.

Step 37: Now go 8 blocks in every direction.

Step 38: Do this in every direction.

Step 39: It should look like this once done.

Step 40: Fill the selection in you just made.

Step 41: It should look like this.

Step 42: Place a wall using your building blocks around the whole platform.

Step 43: Place stairs at the top of this wall like this.

Step 44: Make yourself an unlimited water source.

Step 45: Place your 2 buckets like this so you’ll have unlimited water.

Step 46: Place the water on every stair.

Step 47: Do this for every stair.

Step 48: You should end up with a 2×2 hole in the middle.

Step 49: You can remove your unlimited water source now.

Step 50: Go to a corner and place a 4-block high pillar on this block.

Step 51: Remove the blocks below the top block.

Step 52: Extend by 14 blocks in this direction.

Step 53: Make a turn and place 14 locks in this direction.

Step 54: Make another turn and place 14 blocks.

Step 55: Do it one more time and you should end up with a square.

Step 56: Now skip one block and place a line like this.

Step 57: Make sure to keep skipping one block and place a line after.

Step 58: You should end up with this, now place blocks like this.

Step 59: You should have this little pattern.

Step 60: Place trapdoors on the edges of this platform.

Step 61: Make sure to place them at the top side of the block.

Step 62: Right-click every trapdoor so it’s activated.

Step 63: Now place trapdoors in every hole.

Step 64: Go to a corner and place a button.

Step 65: Skip one block and keep placing buttons on every other block.

Step 66: You should end up with this.

Step 67: So you should have a trapdoor in every hole and a button on every other block.

Step 68: Open all the trapdoors in the holes.

Step 69: Go to a corner and place 3 blocks right here.

Step 70: Remove the lower 2 blocks.

Step 71: You now need to copy the exact same platform you just made.

Step 72: As you can see, the platform is exactly the same.

Step 73: Go down to your first platform.

Step 74: You now have to place trapdoors on every block that doesn’t have a button or hole.

Step 75: It will make sure only creepers spawn on your farm.

Step 76: If you have other mobs spawning in your farm, then you did this part wrong.

Step 77: Go to the second layer.

Step 78: You have to do the exact same you just did on the first layer.

Step 79: You should end up with this once done.

Step 80: For this creeper farm, you need a total of 6 layers.

Step 81: So you will have to add 4 more layers just like this.

Step 82: It consumes some time, but it will be worth it.

Step 83: Go to your top layer.

Step 84: Go to a corner and build up by 3 blocks.

Step 85: Add one block so it’s perfectly at the corner and remove the old blocks.

Step 86: Now go 10 blocks in this direction.

Step 87: Also go 10 blocks in this direction.

Step 88: Do this on every corner.

Step 89: It should look like this.

Step 90: Now fill up the whole selection you just made.

Step 91: Place slabs on top of this platform.

Step 92: You are almost done with your farm. Go to your top layer.

Step 93: And don’t forget to place trapdoors on the ceiling.

Step 94: Your farm is ready to use, go to your trident killer.

Step 95: Make sure to hold a looting III sword for maximum rates.

Step 96: Let’s AFK for 20 minutes to show you the rates of this farm.

Step 97: Now let’s go to your chest to see what you got.

Step 98: In 23 minutes I got:

183 gunpowder

So this farm makes 477 gunpowder per hour.