Creeper Farm – Minecraft Bedrock

This guide will let you know how to set up a CREEPER FARM in Minecraft Bedrock.

Items needed:

You’d need the following items:

30 Stacks Building Blocks

30 Stacks Sabls

Some Torches

3.5 Stacks Stairs

2 Chests

9 Campfires

9 Hoppers

40 Glass Blocks

30 Scaffolding/Ladders

2 Water Buckets

(Material per Layer)

3.5 Stacks Trapdoors

2 Stacks Buttons

3 Stacks Building Blocks

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: It is recommended to build this farm above an ocean, but it works on land too.

Step 2: Place a chest down and place 9 hoppers to the back like this.

Step 3: Place a campfire on top of every hopper.

Step 4: Place a pillar next to the hoppers that are 15 blocks high.

Step 5: Do this next to every hopper, It should look like this.

Step 6: You can use glass for the front side.

Step 7: For the next step, you need to build one extra layer using building blocks.

Step 8: Extend every side with 7 extra blocks.

Step 9: Next, fill the selection in we just made.

Step 10: Place a temporary block down and make a wall around your entire platform.

Step 11: Place stairs around your platform like this.

Step 12: It is recommended to build an infinite water source when using the water.

Step 13: Now you have unlimited water!

Step 14: You need this, place a water source in every stair.

Step 15: If done correctly, you should end up with a 3×3 hole.

Step 16: You can remove your infinite water source now.

Step 17: Go to a random corner.

Step 18: Go to this block and go up by 3 blocks.

Step 19: Also place one block on the side of the water like this.

Step 20: Remove the three other blocks.

Step 21: You need to extend this block all the way to the end.

Step 22: Do this for the whole platform.

Step 23: Skip one block and build a line to the other side.

Step 24: Repeat this process for the whole platform.

Step 25: Once done, do the same but for the other side.

Step 26: Go to a corner and place a button like this. Skip one block and place another button.

Step 27: Repeat this process for the whole platform.

Step 28: Place trapdoors on the upper side of these holes.

Step 29: Make sure to open them all.

Step 30: Go to a corner, break a button temporarily and build up by 3 blocks.

Step 31: Break the two lowest blocks, and place the button back.

Step 32: You need to copy the exact same platform you just made there.

Step 33: Now, place a trapdoor on the ceiling, and place it at every block that doesn’t have a button down.

Step 34: If done correctly you have a trapdoor above each spot without a button.

Step 35: Repeat this process for the number of layers you want. The more layers you have, the more creepers will spawn.

Step 36: The maximum amount of layers that you can use is 6.

Step 37: Once you’ve done building layers, go to the top corner, break the button and build up by 3 blocks.

Step 38: Remove the two lower blocks and make a cobblestone platform like this.

Step 39: Place the trapdoors again on the ceiling where there isn’t a button on the bottom.

Step 40: Good job, you are almost done.

Step 41: Go to a corner on the top level and place 12 blocks like this.

Step 42: Do the same on every corner.

Step 43: Just like this! Now fill in this whole selection.

Step 44: Place slabs on top of these blocks, so no mobs can spawn on your ceiling.

Step 45: Now let’s make your AFK-Position.

Step 46: Go to the middle block of your farms and extend it with 20 blocks.

Step 47: This is your AFK spot, you can build a glass cage around it if you want.

Step 48: Remove the bridge you just made.

Step 49: To get up to this AFK spot, you can use ladders or scaffolding.

Step 50: You can already find some creepers.

Step 51: Place torches in a radius of 100 blocks of the farm.

Step 52: Kill the nearby mobs to increase the spawning rate.

Step 53: You can do a quick 7-minute AFK test to show you the spawn rate.

Step 54: You can get 77 gunpowder in 7 minutes.

Step 55: That’s 10+ stacks of Gunpowder per hour!