Exploring the Hidden Secrets of Westbrook’s Gigs – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 features over 68 gig quests all across its expansive map. Each gig has some hidden secrets and information about the lore and workings of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. These small bits of information are often missable and overlooked by players, but they offer some revealing insights regarding the dystopian and diverse society of Night City. In this guide, we’ll look at 9 such gigs in the Westbrook District, most of which are issued by Madame Wakako. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Tyger and Vulture

Starting with the Tyger and Vulture gig involves a small-time female Netrunner, Vortex. She has been quietly siphoning money off from a Tyger Claw casino. This particular casino is located underneath the sewers between Westbrook and Arroyo. She has transferred the funds to her Credchip, and just as she’s about to run with it all, she’s caught, interrogated, killed and dumped in the sewers.

The Gig

The gig involves breaking into the casino and finding the Cred Ship for Madame Wakako. It is recommended to enter via the Second Sewer Tunnel. There’s high-tech security on the door, but players can easily hack it using their Netrunner skills. Entering through here, players will encounter two Tyger Claws, which the player has to neutralize.

Entering the Office, players will find the missing Credchip by the interrogation chair on the desk to its right. Players can go out using the same route they used to get in or snoop around to find more information.

Players then have to drop off the Credchip at a nearby drop point. At this point, Wakako will call, expressing her gratitude. This final action will conclude the gig.

Additional Information

By accessing the terminal in the Office, players can learn that Vortex is on the verge of leaving the casino forever with her girlfriend, Lilly. Players will also come across the accounting information that led to Tyger Claws getting suspicious. Apparently, Vortex siphoned just 1,072 eurodollars. It just depicts the ruthless and vicious nature of Night City gangs.

Players can also ask the casino bartender about what happened to Vortex. This dialogue is accessed by using the correct dialogue option. The scared bartender tells us that Vortex cheated the Tyger Claws, and they threw her body in the sewer. Ironically, this is the same place where the kitchen dumps its cooking oil, so bodies don’t last long.

Players can head out to the second sewer and see a massive pool of dried-up blood on one of the platforms. Vortex is subtly mentioned in one of the conversations in a data shard in the Cyberpsycho Mission “Under the Bridge“. It mentions the body of a female Netrunner being disposed of in the sewers two streets down from where the Cyberpsycho Mission is.

Overall, this gig has an underground casino, multiple approaches and some semblance of a wider mystery. It’s a solid B-tier gig, but it helps us know how vicious and violent the Tyger Claws are in Westbrook.

We Have Your Wife

A classic kidnap and rescue scenario, We Have Your Wife is the second Westbrook gig by Madame Wakako. Bradley Costigan is a criminal behind bars who are turned down the Tyger Claw’s request to kill some snitches in prison. In retaliation, the Tyger Claws kidnapped his wife, Laura Costigan, and held her hostage. They are using her as leverage on Bradley Costigan.

Players must infiltrate the compound where she’s being kept, kill all the Tyger Claws there and free her from their shackles. In this gig, players can blitz in through the front gate or take the stealthy route over a broken barrier to the left of the main entrance.

Players must kill several Tyger Claw members and free Lauren Costigan from captivity. Escaping the enemy base, players tell Lauren to lie low and contact her family. Lauren will thank V for saving her and walk away.

Additional Information

The compound where Laura’s being held is a Katana Manufacturing Plant. That solves one of the mysteries of where all the game’s katanas are being produced. Players can also happen across a note for a custom order by the leader of the Tyger Claw Gang, Jotaro Shobu.

It’s an embarrassing and funny request asking for dildos shaped like a Katana. Go figure. On a terminal inside the facility, players can find a full catalogue of Katanas the facility has on sale. One of the interesting items is called Heaven’s Storm. It’s said to be enchanted with the souls of inferior demons called “Cellar Imps“.

Adding to this point, if the players head to the cellar, they’ll find some workers sporting unique katanas. It’s a nice tongue-in-cheek moment by the developers. Lastly, on a terminal in the cellar, players can learn that Laura has been in captivity for thirty days and has been refusing to eat or cooperate with her captors.

A somewhat interesting gig, with a lot of information about Katanas and weird fetishes nursed by Night City’s most powerful people, it’s essentially a run-of-the-mill and a C-Tier gig, at best.

Olive Branch

An utterly hilarious gig, Olive Branch is the third gig available by Madame Wakako. This relatively simple gig has different options to choose from, different outcomes and involves very obscure secrets. A man called Sergei is in deep trouble with the Tyger Claws and asks us to deliver a car to the Tyger Claws as a peace offering.

Sergei believes he’s in the home stretch now and will be clear with this final act. The quest seems straightforward as the player enters the car and drives toward the drop-off location. As the player heads, they’ll hear strange noises from the trunk. Stopping the vehicle and inspecting the truck reveals a surprise.

A Corpo named Alex Pushkin, who works for Biotechnica, is stuffed in the trunk and asks to be let out. Interestingly enough, the player gets three dialogue options with different outcomes for each.

Option 1: Closing the trunk

This option is the funniest and most simple one. The player finds a random man in the boot of our car, begging for help, and without saying a word, the player shuts him in again. Players opting for this approach can then simply drive the car to the location, handing over the car and Alex Pushkin to the Tyger Claws.

This action will result in Sergei being free, players getting paid $3,000 eurodollars, and players can find Alex’s body being dumped in the sewers sometime after. Players can find a data shard containing his cries for help on his body. Ironically enough, it’s the same place where Tyger and Claw dump bodies. Although funny, this option is the simplest and doesn’t add any information or details about this twisted affair.

Option 2: Let him out

If the player chooses to let him go, then interestingly enough, we won’t fail the gig. Alex will pay Wakako even more, being a Corpo and all, and we’ll receive almost $6,000 Eurodollars. That’s double the amount we’re getting paid to deliver him.

Sometime later, players can head to a small building, at the back of the Dickie Twister Club, right by the Delamain Headquarters. Players can discover Sergei’s body being thrown here in the farthest room. He’s holding a data shard outlining his attempts to reason with the Tyger Claws, who don’t believe Alex was in the car’s trunk. As revenge, they kill Sergei and dispose of his body here.

Given that Sergei is a Scavenger, as he dons the Scav mask and is responsible for the illegal trafficking of cyberware off unwilling and innocent victims. This guide believes it’s a fitting end for someone so ruthless and cold-blooded. As scavengers are the lowest of the low, this choice appears more appealing as there’s less work, more action, and more money, and players feel like they saved an innocent man. The third option reveals an obscure secret regarding Alex Pushkin.

Option 3: Do you know about Joanne Koch?

For this option to appear, the player has to have started as a “Nomad” in their life path. Secondly, players must have completed the “Guinea Pigs” gig before this one in City Center. It’s a complex gig where we infiltrate a massive hotel and kill Joanne Koch from Biotechnica. Players must also talk to the hotel clerk at some point, as it’s very important for no apparent reason.

Completing all these prerequisites will unlock a third dialogue option where players ask Alex Pushkin if he knows Joanne. Alex will answer affirmative and confirm that he worked with Joanne on the same evil project involving murdering the Red Ocher inhabitants in the Badlands. V will ask him to recall how many from Red Ocher died. And Alex replies nonchalantly by saying nobody cares and they all are like roaches, “Disgusting things will just multiply again.

After Alex says that, the player has two options: let him go or take revenge for his fellow Nomad brethren killed by the hands of the capitalistic, murderous Corpos. The Nomad in all of us would deliver him to Tyger Claws for his eventual execution.

This gig deserves praise for such a hidden and missable detail and props to the CDPR developers team for linking the backstories from intertwining events into these little side gigs. It’s an A-Tier gig with great attention to detail, and it allows us to see the outcomes of our actions, making it a highly recommended gig to play.

Greed Never Pays

A perfectly apt title for this gig, this gig takes place over two locations. The backstory of this gig involves Wakako wanting a device known as the Lockbreaker. It’s an ingenious piece of technology, capable of jailbreaking Corpo cyberwar and extremely useful for anyone who can get their hands on it.

The woman in possession of Lockbreaker, Leah Gladen, was on the verge of selling it to Wakako before all communication was cut off. Wakako sends us this gig to find out what happened to her and to bring back this exceptional piece of technology to her.

Leah’s Apartment

Starting this gig, we head to Leah Gladen’s apartment block, the Japan Town Apartment Block. Players can and should rent the Japan Town apartment from here as it will stop people from asking too many questions. Leah’s apartment is on the first floor, and the security code to enter her apartment is 2137. Alternatively, players can also enter through the window outside.

Entering the apartment, there’s a large vending machine in one corner and a big red button by the desk in the other room. Pressing the button will slide the vending machine to reveal a secret room behind it.

Next, accessing Leah’s main terminal in this room will tell us that Leah backstabbed Wakako after the Tyger Claws offered her three times the amount offered by any other buyer. Investigating all the files leads us to the braindance club of Kanna Domon, The Wired Head.

Braindance Club: Wired Head

Heading to this club-turned-fortress, the player has to defeat several Tyger Claws members inside the club. After defeating them, the player has to find the Lockbreaker. It’s situated in one of the small rooms inside the club. Players will also learn that the security at the club is beefed up because the Tyger Claws realize that they made a big mistake.

The Tyger Claws murdered Leah when she sat down before realizing she was under Wakako’s protection. It makes them panic, lock the entire club down, and jack up their security. As Leah has to lose her life, so do all the Tyger Claws.

After defeating/killing all the Tyger Claw members in the club, head to the back bathroom, and players will find Leah’s bloody corpse in one of the bathroom stalls. The body has been seemingly dragged from a nearby booth. Indeed, Greed Never Pays.

Players can pick Leah’s dead body and exit the braindance club. Putting the body in the car’s trunk and closing the trunk reveals a glitch in the game. The body disappears after you open the turn again, blowing your mind. 

Lastly, players have to deliver the Lockbreaker at a drop-off location, and this gig is finished. Not the most riveting gig; it does have an interesting story behind it but with no interactions with any characters, it’s quite tedious. A solid C-Tier gig.

Until Death Do Us Part

A stealth-based gig, Until Death, Do Us Part, involves the messy divorce of an ex-couple, Emiliano and Nina Gutierrez. Nina has taken everything from Emiliano, including his car and Penthouse. His Penthouse contains his Depository receipts. Without them, Emiliano has nothing to live off.

The main objective of this gig is to break into the lavish Penthouse, keep things quiet and grab the required items. The Penthouse is one of the nicest apartments in Night City, and according to a woman on the street, it costs $400,000 eurodollars to rent the place. In comparison, our Corpo Plaza apartments cost a mere $55,000, and it’s relatively much smaller than this lavish apartment.

Breaking into the apartment

Taking the elevator to the apartment floor, players are presented with four different options to break into the Penthouse. The Front Door requires a Technical Ability minimum level, the Side Window requires a strength check, and the Roof requires an even bigger strength check. And lastly, players with none of the abilities can jump across units to get to the Rear Balcony.

Once inside, players should be mindful of the two drones patrolling the empty apartment. One patrolled the rear balcony while the other guarded the floor upstairs. Short-circuit quick Hack doesn’t cause any damage to the drones. It is wise for players to be in stealth mode and avoid being spotted.

Players must also be careful not to cross the blue lines in the doorway, as it will trigger the alarm, the drones and a robot, and players will fail the stealth objective. The way to get between inside and out is through the broken blinds. This potential security breach is also highlighted in correspondence on Nina’s computer.

Upstairs on the Second Floor

Players should go upstairs, undetected and stealthfully disabling cameras until they come to the Back Office. Emiliano’s Depository receipts are next by the terminal. Pick the receipts and then access the terminal. The information on the computer gives us an idea of how far Nina was willing to go, as she wants alimony payments and is prepared to quit her job and have a pretend disease so she can get more money off her ex-husband.

After reading Nina’s correspondence, players should head to the Local Network on the computer and hit the Emergency Reset Button. This action will deactivate all the security features, making it comfortable to explore this glorious apartment. A real-life fireplace and exotic items from around the world adorn the apartment.

Head to the bedroom, and players will see a second terminal. On it, they’ll find incriminating evidence on Emiliano that Nina has sent to Max Jones, the popular reporter. It suggests Emiliano is taking bribes from Corpos to pull strings at City Hall.

Lastly, players should check out the obscure bathroom in the middle of the top floor. The bathroom contains a chest with a piece of legendary clothing, which is rare. Exit the apartment and drop off the Depository Checks outside, and you’ll be done.

The Bridge Between Japan Town & Northside

Cyberpunk 2077 developers have added another detail to this scandalous and messy divorce. After completing the gig and heading north, players should locate the bridge connecting Japan Town and Northside. Players should make their way to the very base of the Japan Town side and approach the pillar in the centre.

Players will see a woman’s body thrown from the bridge beside the pillar. In her hands, she’s holding $550 Eurodollars. In an archived conversation, this woman is revealed to be none other than Nina Guiterrez. The conversation reveals that Emiliano begs Nina to meet her at the Japan Town Bridge for a face-to-face meeting. She reluctantly agrees that he’ll give her the depository receipts.

All the clues point that Emiliano threw her off the bridge as she had already taken everything from him and wanted to see him suffer. A tragic ending to a pretty ordinary but hate-filled marriage. This gig is worth doing based on seeing the apartment alone. The apartment is drop-dead gorgeous, and it makes this an A-Tier gig. Highly recommend.

Getting Warmer…

Another search and rescue gig, Getting Warmer, involves rescuing the Netrunner BugBear or 8ug8ear. Her mistake? She crossed the Tyger Claws during a job and stole a high-tech Kiroshi Van payload.

Now the Tyger Claws aren’t too happy about that, and they seek to intimidate her into giving the van’s location away. To escape them, she ran off into the net and uploaded software that meant anybody pulling her out would also kill her.

A temporary stalemate. The Tyger Claws know that her body can’t survive for long and must return to her body eventually. It’s a waiting game, and the Tyger Claws are willing to wait it out. Wakako enlists our help in this particular messy situation and prefers 8ug8ear brought in alive. As time is running out, players have to be fast and precise.

The Curious Case of Z3D

Before players head to 8ug8ear’s apartment, it is wise to head to the Roof. There should be a lone Tyger Claw there. Take care of him. Once on the Roof, players will see a Signal Tower on their left on the adjoining building. Getting to the Signal Tower will reveal hidden detail.

Players will see they’re not the first person 8ug8ear enlisted for help. By a computer, there’s a dead body lying there. Accessing the archived conversation reveals he’s a runner friend of 8ug8ear named Zed or Z3D.

He disguises himself as a technician and offers to rescue 8ug8ear only in exchange for the van’s location. While arguing, Zed says someone’s coming, and that’s the last conversation before somebody murders him.

Rescuing 8ug8ear

Now head back to the Roof; there should be a hole in the wall on your right. Dropping down from here, players will have to deal with a single Tyger Claw, embroiled in a phone call with his boss. Take him out silently, and enter the apartment to rescue 8ug8ear.

As you approach 8ug8ear connected to the net, warnings will flash from multiple screens and text you, “Take Coolant from the Bathroom.” For whatever reason, if players fail to do this and just start unplugging her, she’ll die, and the gig will fail, and there’ll be a plaque at the Columbarium under her real name, “Beatrice Ellen Trieste” and underneath a quote will appear stating “She finally outsmarted even herself“.

Head to the bathroom, and the Coolant should be on the sink. Head back to the room and inject her with the Coolant. Players will then have to carry her down from her apartment. A useful idea might be to clear the route from any remaining Tyger Claws. Especially if you’re playing with a glass canon build, it wouldn’t be possible for you to carry her and shoot at enemies simultaneously.

Once you’ve cleared the route, pick her up, head downstairs and place her in the boot of the fixer car. Closing the trunk, the car will drive to a safe and secure facility where Wakako will extract the Kiroshi Van location from her. At least she’ll be alive at the end of the day.

A fascinating backstory, but the gig itself is simplistic and doesn’t contain any interesting details and lore about the wider Cyberpunk universe. It’s ranked as a solid C-Tier gig.

Wakako’s Favourite

A nice, chill, combat-less gig, Wakako’s Favourite takes place in a dark cellar in Japan Town. The titular Wakako’s Favourite is a Netrunner named Chang Hoon Nam. Despite being her favourite, he hasn’t responded to her messages for a while now. The caring, cunning Madame Wakako sends us to investigate what’s what.

Heading to a restaurant on Crescent Street, players should look for the basement underneath the restaurant. Coming down the stairs, players should disable the Laser Mines using Quickhacks.

Heading inside the Basement

Once we get down there, it’ll be very dark there. Most players will have trouble seeing. It becomes worse if the player has path-tracing enabled. Keeping it one enhances the realism it gives to this scenario. One of the first things players will find is a data shard on Vortex. Turns out Wakako also hired Chang Hoon Nam to trace her whereabouts.

Making your way towards the Netrunner chair, Chang Hoon will be visible on the chair but will not respond or wake up. Accessing his computer will result in a single light in the corner of the room flashing red. Chang Hoon’s last conversation is with another Netrunner named Spectral Kid. Spectral Kid warns him against hacking into a Kang Tao Container. The other two messages are from Wakako, asking him where he is.

Players will learn that Chang Hoon’s paralysis is related to this container. Players should follow the flashing red light to a maintenance shaft. Be careful as this shaft is rigged with explosives, and at the other end of the maintenance shaft leads to a room containing Chang Hoon’s Netrunner Shard.

Plugging this shard in wakes Chang Hoon up, and he is thankful for our help and acknowledges Spectral Kid was right in his warning. Completing this gig will make Chang-Hoon, a Netrunner vendor at the same location with a permanent 20% discount.

Spectral Kid

Players can find the online friend of Chang-Hoon in the game. Or what’s left of him, anyway. Just down from the chapel in Pacifica, there’s a hidden garage underneath the stairs. Entering this space, players find Spectral Kid lying motionlessly on a Netruner’s chair with his brains fried. A quick inspection of the place reveals another archived conversation between Spectral Kid and Chang Hoon Naam.

It is a reversal of roles; this time, the Spectral Kid is warned not to break into the Voodoo Boys subnet. As they’re renowned as powerful Netrunners, it was fair of Chang Hoon to dole out a warning to him. He tries to recruit Spectral Kid for another job, but the Kid isn’t having any of it. Well, the result is for all to see.

Inside Chang Hoon’s basement, players can come across Chang’s notes on pinpointing who Spectral Kid is. Chang Hoon seems certain that Spectral Kid is 13 years old. The Kid in the Netrunner chair in Pacifica looks older than 13. This discovery leaves another question mark whether it was Spectral Kid himself or another proxy. Only time will tell.

A Shrine Defiled

A Shrine Defiled is the last of Madame’s Wakako gigs, and compared to her other gigs, it’s a little underwhelming in terms of being a memorable final job. Taki Kazo, a Tyger Claw boss, attempts to rule Japan Town while cutting Wakako out of dealings entirely.

Madame Wakako has an on-off relationship with Tyger Claws. Even though her kids are in Tyger Claw, anyone that gets offed by one of her mercs isn’t going to ruin the old woman’s sleep. But she must handle this situation tactfully, as she doesn’t want Taki dead.

As she wants to keep an eye on his dealings, V has to break into the Shinto Shrine where Taki is based, sneak past the numerous Tyger Claws, and plant a bug on his computer. Another infiltration gig.

Infiltrating the Shrine

Normally, gaining access using the Roof is a wise choice for infiltration gigs. However, in this gig, multiple Tyger Claws are stationed on the Shrine’s sloping roofs, making it a difficult option.

A pro tip: First, head into the left building and remove the guard inside. Players can then disable the entire camera and surveillance system from the get-go. This strategy makes for a much easier time inside the main building. Players get a stealth bonus, but with the added caveat that players can still kill everyone.

As long as the player isn’t specifically detected, Taki will never suspect that his computer’s been bugged. It’s also beneficial to take out Tyger Claws as the Shrine’s resident shopkeeper, “Hidemasa Ayukawa“, terms it as “defiling” the sacred Shrine. Out of respect for his ways, the removal of Tyger Claws needs to be done non-lethally.

Players should plant the bug on the main terminal, and Wakako can now listen in on all Taki Kazo’s shady dealings. Players can also encounter an archived conversation between two Tyger Claw guards, Min-Ho and Emon. It mentions how they’re trying to spend time with Jotaro’s new girls. Most players have played the Monster Hunt gig, so these guards deserve to die.

Taki Kazo

During the Phantom of Night City: Cyberpsycho Sighting, where players face the crazy katana-wielding guy, players can find another two conversations concerning Taki Kazo. In the first conversation, Kazo voices concern that Norio, the Cyberpsycho, is stalking him. Nasaki Osawa, on the other hand, tells him that it’s probably all in his head.

The second conversation started with “Someone Zeroed Taki Kazo yesterday“. Reading the archived conversation between Masaki Osawa and Takehiro Chiba makes it clear that Norio, the cyber psycho, killed Taki Kazo.

Now this cyber psycho quest can be completed before and after the “A Shrine Defiled” gig, meaning Taki is eventually going to die, and all the hard work and effort we went to install the spyware becomes useless at this point forward.

Overall, the quest is challenging, but not seeing Taki Kazo’s face or interacting with him makes it a pretty forgettable experience. Wakako does gift us Byakko, one of the more powerful katanas in the game. Simply, a solid B-Tier gig.

Family Heirloom

One of this guide’s favourite Gigs, Family Heirloom, is a gig given to us by Rogue Amendiares. This gig is only unlocked by completing all the gigs for Wakako and is located in Charter Hill. This gig involves the son of Nancy Hartley, Dan. Dan is a classic rich idiot kid with little understanding of the value of anything and has a major gambling problem.

Dan lost his car, a Caliburn, in a game against the Sixth Street gang and, more importantly, a bootleg Samurai recording, which wasn’t his to lose. Players must enter a garage of incredibly dangerous Sixth Street gang members and retrieve the items.

Breaking In

Players should hop into the Office on the right from the garage via the door and window. By accessing the terminal in that room, players should disable the security cameras as it will make things easier. Alternatively, players can roar with guns blazing, as this quest has no stealth bonus.

Making their way to the back, players will find the recording, car keys and Johnny’s boots inside a locker. At this point, players can simply leave without the car. Dan would be slightly annoyed, throwing an off-handed remark, but Rogue will give players an earful if they don’t retrieve the car. She’ll scold you and will be hugely disappointed.

Retrieval of Caliburn

Players should take the car, too, and first of all, by taking out Wyatt Alken, the guy who won the car in the first place. Players can learn by finding the archived conversation that he tried selling the car to Muamar Reyes or El Capitan. But El Capitan wasn’t having any of that, and he ended the conversation with, “You’re a loser, Wyatt, and I don’t do business with losers.” Reyes then blocks Wyatt’s number.

Players should get in the car and drive to Dan, who couldn’t be bothered to be sober enough for the meeting. This action will conclude the gig. As a plus, Rogue will pay you $11,000 Eurodollars for doing the job professionally. Rogue doesn’t skimp on money, as this generous reward shows. Overall, the gig is a solid A-tier as the gig’s relevance to the wider things in the game, as everything ties back to things and people, all of who matters a lot to us.

That’s all from this thorough and expansive guide. All these gigs are ordered by the time they appear, and each has its benefits and challenges. This guide hopes that players have as much fun completing these gigs as this guide did while writing them. Thanks for reading this through. Adios!