Fortnite Adventure Map Codes

Fortnite is a world of adventure with every player and opponent a mystery, exploration begging to be discovered, and gameplay that’s as addictive as it is adrenaline-pumping. Jump into Battle Royale mode – the last one standing wins. Or step into Save The World mode and take on the forces that want to destroy humanity.

Active Codes

0898-4621-4768Use it to Escape from the Zombie Ship – Survival
1269-8339-9275Use it for Pokemon Kanto Journey
1774-7942-6848Use it to get The Souls Within (Horror) Duo
1877-3950-7878Use it to get “The Lab” – A Fortnite Horror Map Pt. 2
2454-0362-7308Use it to get Beach House | Roleplaying
2731-2533-2140Use it to get Bordernite – An Open World RPG
2886-9567-3383Use it to get Treehouse Tycoon
3555-2496-7707Use it to get Roleplay Home Alone
4095-4178-4016Use it to get Stranger Things
5122-3156-3272Use it to get Survival Simulator (Desert)
5452-4165-5498Use it to get Infiltrated – Multiplayer Horror Game
5752-4832-1948Use it to get Escape Tilted Towers!
6197-3447-4076Use it to get Paranoia Tantrum (Horror)
6533-8912-5569Use it to get Evil 20 Awaits Duo
6855-5160-9915Use it to get Mars Tycoon
6999-4525-4637Use it to get The Mystery of Bleakwater
7326-7977-6547Use it to get The Souls Within (Horror)
8266-9881-9616Use it to get Avengers Endgame (Fr)
8642-3740-2264Use it to get Evil 10 Awaits Duo
8871-0357-9160Use it to get Piggy Chapter 5-8
9028-1691-1273Use it to get Survival Simulator
9663-1874-2583Use it to get Evil Awaits 2.0
9908-4845-7470Use it to get RPG Dungeon Explorer