Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Codes

Fortnite is the latest in online gaming and has been made by Epic Games, who are known for making the game Unreal. It is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One where players can battle in teams of up to four players, trying to be the last person standing.

Active Codes

0203-9687-0056Use it to get The Nightmare Forest
1892-1509-8081Use it to get Minecraft Murder Mystery
5893-2263-5834Use it to get Murder Swap
6132-9723-4875Use it to get Gamerz’s Aquarium!
6571-0741-2073Use it to get Pro Murder Mystery – 8 Roles
9736-4845-6318Use it to get Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery
9850-2841-2309Use it to get Gaming House
9850-2841-2309Use it to get Mansion – Murder Mystery