Fortnite Music Map Codes

Fortnite is a game that’s quickly becoming the most popular online video game of all time. It includes battle royale, cooperative, and tower defense modes, which all make it an exciting choice for gamers of all ages.

Active Codes

0169-8706-0218Use it to get Fortnite X Disneyland
0303-2865-4459Use it to get Music Quiz – Blind Test
0400-4694-3989Use it to get Guess The Song #2 (20 Song)
0424-6682-9550Use it to get My World Emote (Fly N Ghetto) Ayo & Teo
0664-9080-4931Use it to get Guess The Song (20 Songs)
1347-4609-3996Use it to get Build Up Emote In Fortnite Music Block
1371-4307-7283Use it to get Chug Jug With You – Fortnite Music
1573-0056-5885Use it to get Guess The Song #1 (25 Pop Songs)
1861-6535-6769Use it to get Guess The Song #2 (20 Pop Songs)
2463-5557-5822Use it to get Musical 1v1
2911-1083-7372Use it to get Bts – Butter But In 3 Levels
3211-6945-3270Use it to get Guess The Song 2 (Jango11 & Dehalfwit)
4394-7733-1648Use it to get Ariana Grande – Be Alright
4593-2002-7746Use it to get The Spectre – Alan Walker
5184-7210-9472Use it to get Music Paradise
6066-0164-8913Use it to get Offline
6311-7962-0912Use it to get Chicken Wing It (Emote)
6343-9062-3240Use it to get Guess The Emote | With Parkour
6394-0391-6271Use it to get Guess The Song (2021)
7245-9756-8726Use it to get Montero – Lil Nas X (Fortnite Music)
7464-2255-5796Use it to get Friday Night Funkin’ – Overhead
7990-5819-1738Use it to get Friday Night Funkin’ – Ugh In Fortnite
8414-4666-0835Use it to get Kiss Me More – Doja Cat (Fortnite Music)
9222-2543-6668Use it to get “They Are Coming Gun Game”
9367-8487-5419Use it to get Music Map/Concert