GTA Online: Scrap Yard Business Buying Guide

This guide will let you know how to get started with the brand-new Chop Shop business in Grand Theft Online. It will provide you with everything you need to know about the scrap yard business. By following the steps below, you will be able to buy the best locations and start making money with this business.

Yusuf Amir will call you when you log in and talk to you about the business. He will ask you to purchase the new Salvage yard by going to Maze Bank Foreclosures. There are three different locations in the city, the first one is La Puerta which costs $2,690,000, the next one is Strawberry which costs $2,570,000 and the last one is Murrieta Heights which costs $2,420,000.

You have to purchase the Strawberry location because it has better access to the roads. After that, upgrade your salvage yard. The Tow Truck is a prerequisite for the secondary business.

The Get Trade Rates allows you to get a discount when you repair your vehicles at LS customs. The Wall Safe is a hybrid between the agency and nightclub wall safe. The Staff will help to speed up the process of chopping your vehicle.

Now you can start the actual business portion, so go to your chop shop and log into the computer. You need to select the vehicle for your robbery mission and you will find that the max sell value is $395,000 and a salvage value is $316,000.

Please Reload/Refresh this tab.

The first one is Scope Out: Mission Row Police Station, where you need to head to the police station and take some photos of a few locations around it. Doing this successfully will unlock all the setups and the tasks for the particular robbery.

After that, head back to the chop shop and log back into your computer. The gang banger robbery mission will be all set up now and it will tell you to complete the tasks and planning work to start the robbery.

You can launch the tasks from locations around the map, they will pop up in free mode, marked by that little green duffel bag icon. While the planning work can be launched from the wall. Some optional missions will help to unlock career progress and different awards.

After completing all these, you’ll be able to start the robbery. There are multiple steps that you need to complete to get paid out.

The first mission will be the gang banger robbery where you need to break out King Tiny from the cell and he will give you the location of the Omaggio. Just head to that location, steal the Omaggio, and take it to your chop shop to complete the robbery.

Once you are ready to sell the Omaggio, you will have a choice to sell it to Yusuf for $395,000 or salvage the parts for $316,000. If you salvage it, then you don’t need to drive the vehicle to Yousef.

It is recommended to sell the Omaggio to Yusuf to get the maximum amount. So in this case, you need the vehicle to the terminal. You will only get three robbery missions per week.

Now head back to your salvage yard and log in to the computer. You will find that only BF Weevil and the Gauntlet Hellfire are available now. After that, head up to the Tow Truck, jump inside it, and start the mission by pressing the right arrow key.

Jamal will let you know where a particular vehicle that you need to go pick up is. So you have to make your way to the exact spot and hook up the vehicle with your truck.

Deliver this vehicle to your salvage yard and your staff will start salvaging parts from this vehicle. The earnings will be transferred to your account.

You may get $30,000 for salvaging parts and it will also pump money into your wall safe. Rockstar has added the Chop Shop to the career progress which will let you earn different money bonuses, unlocks, and awards. You just have to complete all the challenges.