Guide To The Rake: REMASTERED Roblox

This is the ultimate guide to Roblox The Rake: REMASTERED. It will provide you with everything you need to know about The Rake.

It is a fight for survival in which you must run or hide, whatever the situation is. The Rake is wildly trying to smell you so that he can find and kill you.

The Basics

Every player in the game has to stand from night to day, while every night, the rake comes out of the cave he stays in. The duration of day and night differs; for 8 minutes and 20 seconds, there is night, whereas 2 minutes and 30 seconds is the duration of the day. The players already have a flashlight and can press and hold shift if they want to run frequently.

Naturally, your health bar will be affected if you have injuries. But over time, you will get your health restored after a bit of time. The player can barely move in case of less health. The player will stumble only and will not be able to run if his health is under a third. Further, a certain disorder will begin over the screen.

The player will fall and cannot move if their health is deficient. In the surrounding of the map, the towers and houses can be easily detected together with a light. But remember, it takes energy if left on even for a second. Once killed, you will become unfit to stand and then get back on the map.

The Rake

In the daytime, Rake lives in the cave. He is the primary rival of the game, He cannot face the brightness and lights due to his sensitivity. At night, he leaves his cave and creeps around in the forest. He can detect his victims by utilizing his senses, such as sniffing. Once he finds you, he will start running behind you and a sound like a heartbeat can be heard when he runs after you. Through his claws, he takes almost two to three smashes to crash. He is quiet speedy.

He can begin attacking you but cannot murder you if you are moving as a group. He will hit you to make you crippled and then he will begin assaulting the healthier members of the group. If any player in your group tries to run away, Rake will give you no time to run. Nonetheless, if the Rake successfully immobilizes all the people in your group, it will become very easy for him to kill all of you individually.

The Blood Hour

If players effectively injure the Rake, the blood hour will start as it is a bonus mode. You have become successful in beginning the blood hour if a noisy sound like someone has been murdered comes from the power station. When the Rake is infuriated, he will start making the same motions as SCP-096. The environment changes, your screen will start spinning red, and he will become faster with every passing moment. The Rake will gradually increase the speed of his vitality. At that moment, the Rake will be scaring fast and on the verge of shrieking.

A text in red will show up in the middle of your screen. The rake will roar so loud that the entire server can hear once the text vanishes and he will take kill the nearest person.

The Rake can see you even if you are on the other corner of the map. He will kill all the down players and he will become faster gradually than you.

He will rotate behind to kill you immediately if he gets a chance. There is no electricity available throughout the blood hour. The only thing you can do is wait to end the night. The Rake may creep onto traps which will become a reason for him to make a noisy scream of pain and give players time to sprint. Somehow, the time of this trap is not long when he gets himself clutched in the trap. He will neglect all the players he murdered during blood hour. Blood hour may be one of his strategies since some individuals get killed. And blood hour will finish right after that.

The Items

The Flashlight: It is a simple light that all players spawn with.

The Compass: It informs players regarding their location and it may work together with the map to lead players to a specific location to ensure they are at the right place. It is also beneficial for players searching for a flare gun. It does not require any power to work.

The Map: Currently, it is the lowest-cost item in the game. The map’s main objective is to inform about and unfold the primary locations. It can collaborate with the compass to help new players guide themselves.

The Watch: It will make players aware of how much time the dave night starts, and its format is conventional as minutes and seconds. This item needs power.

The Vitamins: The Vitamins provide the player with endless stamina for 5 seconds. It allows you to utilize the stun stick vaguely for a time limit or sprint away from the Rake. Vitamins do not let a less able or crippled player run.

The Monitor: The Monitor lets you look at all the cameras in the primary locations of the map and may be utilized to follow the Rake, but it is affected by its existence. The cameras are motion sensing, tracking whatever is in motion when they spot movement. And shows its username. The rake can break the recent camera you are looking for if you keep watching them for a long while, and it will be out of function for a specific time.

The First Aid Kit: It helps the player to heal themselves or other people. You need to press the left mouse button to revive the lost HP. The first aid kit cannot be outfitted if the player has less or almost no energy. However, you can still restore it if you equip and use it before you get down.

The Rake Trap: If the Rake steps over it, it will damage and immobilize him for almost six to seven seconds. The trap does 50% damage to the Rake.

The Tracker: The Tracker will help you to determine how far away the Rake is from their current location. The Rake has a spot range from 125 studs in the classic edition, It pings slower and spots at 100 studs instead when it comes to the remastered version. If the Rake has not engendered or is away from this radius. The signal loss will appear on the tracker’s screen. This is a very beneficial item for newbies. A few players created a little misunderstanding; the Rake staying in its stealth mode does not impact the capability of the tracker to discover the Rake.

The Night Vision Goggles: A game pass gives a player the corresponding item. Click to get and press end to utilize. It is a very advantageous game pass and is worth the assets. It lets you see the Rake ahead, or he may sense you. Its price is 400 Robux. This lets the player see five times away.

The Stun Stick: It is a weapon that deals 4 to 6 normal and 40 headshot damage to the Rake. You may utilize this to immobilize the Rake for a time by thrashing him. The sunset also needs power to utilize, such as many other items. The stun stick works great when a good number of players are utilizing it.

The UV Lamp: This weapon is found in supply drops or purchased for 700 points only in the remastered version. It’s more radiant than a flashlight and makes the Rake blind, dissimilar to the sun stick. Notwithstanding, the Rake may also cover its eyes if you utilize it for too much time. It also does not exhaust stamina, which is a huge advantage if used for a long time. The UV lamp will require recharging. You may recharge it by leaving it unequipped and retaining and allowing the power to refill itself.

The Voltmeter: It is useful for keeping track of the current power level to predict a power outage. While shopping, it says that the item becomes very useful when the player is in the circumstances of almost death.

The Radio: It is an item that can only be found in the safe house, on the desk, and in the back. Letting players speak anywhere through the map. If you are on your radio and other players are communicating through it. It makes a click sound informing a player is speaking through it.

The Toolbox: The Toolbox is essential for restoring power quickly and allowing players to force a safe house door open from the outside.

The Flare Gun: You can use it to call in supply drops that contain six items; the vest, first aid kit, tracker, vitamin, stun stick, and UV light. Two or three med kits or vitamins can sometimes be found within the supply crate. The flare gun will spawn randomly.

Notwithstanding, if the player swaps to another item while holding the paper, it will vanish from their inventory. The flare gun destroys naturally or could be admonished if many players hold the paper.

The Vest: Once outfitted, your health will improve, letting you stand more damage from the Rake. It can be discovered in supply crates or purchased from the shop for 450 points.

The Head Lamp: This game pass item gives you a light source. The light is distributed in a limited radius around you instead of being a single beam like the flashlight.

The Eerie: This item was added with the Halloween update of 2020. It provides you with a weapon so that you can fight the Rake. After purchasing the game pass, you may have this by demanding this at the shop. When equipped, Eeri works as a grenade.

The eerie becomes disposable and once utilized, the eerie will move upwardly and reason a forceful green explosion along with effects.

The Upgraded Flashlight: The Upgraded Flashlight is a game pass. If you purchase the game pass, you will generate it with this instead of the flashlight. It is much shiner than the usual flashlight. The price of this game pass is 150 Robux.

The Scrap Metal: You may discover rusty metal pieces in the surrounding forest. These pieces can be sold at the shop if you want to gain some points. Their value varies, and these cannot be used anywhere else, depending on their level.


Although the Rake is a very lethal and dangerous character in this game, all these items will help you a lot, not just to face but to slay him. You need to open your eyes and stay aware of what is happening in your surroundings, whether visible in light or not in the dark.