GunPowder Farm Guide – Minecraft Bedrock

This guide will provide you with the easiest GUNPOWDER Farm in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.

Items Needed:

You’d need the following items:

8x Observer

1x Trident

1x Glass

4x Piston

1x Hopper

1x Rail

1.5x Stack Blocks

1 lever

2 Chests

48 Scaffolding

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is to find a Witch Hut.

Step 2: If you can’t find one, you can go to the following website.

Step 3: Fill in your seed and your game version at the top.

Step 4: Once done, you can fill in your coordinates at the bottom to find the closest hut.

Step 5: Zoom out and you will find purple dots. Every purple dot is a witch hut.

Step 6: Now simply look at the X and Z coordinates and walk to the coordinates in Minecraft.

Step 7: Go into the hut once you found one.

Step 8: Break the cauldron, pot, and crafting table.

Step 9: Go to the front side and walk all the way to the back like this.

Step 10: The door should be on the right side.

Step 11: Break exactly this block.

Step 12: Mark it using a different kind of block than your building blocks.

Step 13: Remove these 3 blocks too. If you mine the wrong ones, this farm will not work.

Step 14: Now remove the whole witch hut except for the blocks you just placed.

Step 15: Once done, place a temporary block with another block at the top top like this.

Step 16: Remove the temporary block.

Step 17: Now make a wall around it like this.

Step 18: Extend the wall by one more block.

Step 19: Now go to your marked block and place a glass block right there.

Step 20: Make sure there is one block in between.

Step 21: Now, remove the other 3 blocks like this.

Step 22: Extend the wall one block down like this.

Step 23: For the next part, it is recommended to make some room.

Step 24: Go to your marked block and place an extra block on this position.

Step 25: Make a temporary platform like this.

Step 26: Place a piston facing this way below the cobblestone.

Step 27: Skip 2 blocks and place a piston facing this way.

Step 28: It should look like this.

Step 29: Now go to the exact position here and the marked block will be there.

Step 30: Place an observer facing this way at the right piston.

Step 31: Place another observer like this.

Step 32: Repeat the same process all the way around.

Step 33: Just like this, the arrows should face each other.

Step 34: Once done, place a lever on a piston to test it, you should have a working clock.

Step 35: Remove 1 layer of blocks around your structure.

Step 36: Now place a cobblestone layer next to your observer.

Step 37: Place the lever behind a piston’s cobble block like this.

Step 38: This is your on/off switch.

Step 39: Place blocks on top of the observers.

Step 40: You can leave this open for now.

Step 41: Let’s make your storage, go down and mine exactly under your piston clock.

Step 42: Make sure there is one dirt block between the clock’s open space.

Step 43: It’s really important that you are under one of the 4 open spots.

Step 44: Place a chest with a hopper below the open spot.

Step 45: Place a rail at the top of the hopper with a minecart hopper on top.

Step 46: There should be one dirt block between, place the dirt block back.

Step 47: You can place a block right here so that the minecart doesn’t move.

Step 48: To test it, simply drop an item like this.

Step 49: It should be collected by your system.

Step 50: Now throw a trident at this piston.

Step 51: Close off your build.

Step 52: Go on top of your build.

Step 53: Now you need to close this off, you can use normal blocks for that.

Step 54: If you want to watch the witches spawn, you can use tinted glass.

Step 55: But since those are more expensive, you can use cobble.

Step 56: For your AFK spot, go there and move up by 32 blocks (scaffolding).

Step 57: You can build a glass cage to prevent dying phantoms (optional).

Step 58: Before AFKing, make sure you turn the trident killer on.

Step 59: When AFKING, make sure to always hold a looting III sword for maximum efficiency.

Step 60: Let’s see how much gun powder you got after 10 minutes of AFKing.

Step 61: 53 Gunpowder in 10 minutes, for such an easy build.

Step 62: It is recommended a sorting system since you can get a lot of stuff too.