Hangar Business SOLO Money Guide – GTA Online

This guide helps you to get money as a solo player with a hanger business, and to get maximum profit; you need to get help from friends. But this guide will be based on the solo player method. It is a difficult method, but you must go through the guide to accomplish this task.

To get hangers, you need to go to Maze bank foreclosures, click on the link of hangers and pick five different hangers in the game. These two hangers shown on the map are cheap.

But it is recommended to get another hanger from the military base of Fort Zancudo, specifically 3499, to spawn your vehicle out of it.

After buying the hanger and the business has been started, you need to get the initial setup run for Ron, and here is your contact to purchase a living quarter to spawn.

Then upgrade your aerial vehicles by adding weapons handling, altering the paint schemes, and storing Pegasus vehicles to change them to personal vehicles.

Once you have bought the hanger, check it, as you can store planes and choppers to make the initial setup run and keep it going.

The best trick of the hanger business is that you can use any plane and even Mark II to supply crates as you do the source missions. So there are a few missions where you must enter the target vehicles to spawn as a checkpoint. Afterward, you can utilize any plan like Hydra or helicopter from your hanger.

Log in to the Free trade shipping company website, and for the solo player method of earning money, you must focus on three source materials as the kick-off bonus at selling 10 crates are 12% for these items as they are sourced. These materials include animals, arts & and antiques, jewelry & gemstones, etc. Once you sell 10 crates from each category, any item sold over 10 crates will add numerous vehicles to handle as a solo player.

These materials should not include expensive items such as chemical and medical supplies and the cheapest ones like tobacco and counterfeit goods.