How to Add Games to the Pandora Box Saga EX and Compatibles

This guide will tell you how to add games to the Pandora Box Saga EX and compatibles.

First, you must download the Pandora tool from the link: After reaching this site, you must scroll down and click on the zip file under Assets. Once the download completes, open this file with WinRAR.

The free version of Pandora allows you to install up to 20 games per system. You must open the Pandora tool folder you created in your C drive. Then open the ROMs folder, which has multiple subfolders ready to add your games. If you need any information regarding Pandora, you have to open the documentation folder and then open the supported_rooms.text file, which will tell you the list of systems that Pandora supports. Also, you will find the folder name, file types, and ROM set information.

According to the requirement, you will need a 32x file type for all the games. Once you have downloaded the game, you must copy the games and paste them into the 32x ROMs folder. If you have a GB file, then you have to paste that into the GB folder in ROMs. As different games have different file types, you must paste the games into the folders according to their file types in the ROMs folder.

After that, find the add roms.bat file in the Pandora folder, then right-click on it and click on Edit the top line here needs to have the folder name of pandora. For this, you have to right-click on the address bar, and then you have to click on a copy then reopen the roms.bat file. After that, select everything after cd and then press ctrl+v. You need to change the letter next to pandora stick dx to the letter of your drive, and then press ctrl+s to save the changes.

Now go to the screen scraper website and create a free account by clicking on the register at the top right corner of your screen. Then go to add roms.bat folder, right-click on it, and click on the run as administrator. Enter your username and password from the screen scraper account, and then your USB stick will be prepared. You can also run pandora via the command prompt. After that, go to your USB drive folder and check what pandora has created for you. These are the install files for the games that will be added to Pandora’s games list.

Once it is completed, you must right-click on the USB drive and select eject to pop it in our dx. Then you have to plug your USB drive into the Pandora box, and you can see the list of the games installed in the box. Then the new boot video will start. Also, the new skin control is fixed to unlock characters’ pixels, and the FPS clock boost should be ready for you to play. Now you can test it by playing any game. Also, there is now less screen tearing sharper pixels, and you will even recognize that the core boost is working from the first level.