How to Automatically Farm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will provide you with some tips that will make you efficient while being lazy. Follow the steps below and you will be able to automatically Farm In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

1- Upgrade and unlock Moana’s boat.

Fishing in this game is really fun but it is also very simple and offers no challenge. So you will need to fix up Mona’s boat and upgrade it to the maximum as soon as you can because a new fish will spawn every 6 minutes. A bunch of fish will just be laying there ready for you to collect, and the more you upgrade it, the more fish you will get but it is really expensive. 

You will need a lot of money for all kinds of things because the cost of things will ramp up extremely fast. You need to have hundreds of thousands of gold for some of these upgrades. You can cook up some souffles and sell those to get money fast. But it is very limiting because of coal.

2- Farm Crops

The most reliable way to make tons of money is by planting and harvesting tons of crops. You can plant Canola as it is a really good crop and you also unlock it early.

There is a little trick you can do to make planting and harvesting crops effortless. You have to cook up a couple of famous souffle and eat them until you have maximum bonus energy. After that, start planting crops by holding down the interact key.

Your character will continue to plant those crops as long as you hold. So you have to keep the key in and your character will plant those crops automatically until you run out of energy. After that, eat some souffle and do it all over again as it is very effective. Harvesting your crops is easier because it does not cost any energy but it’s time-consuming. So you need to start harvesting crops by holding down the interact key, and then make a cup of coffee while forcing the button to stay down. Once all of your crops are harvested, then you will be ready to sell to Goofy.

The next tip is not recommended but it does work. You can plant about 800 pumpkin seeds and not water these crops, instead just stand right over there and then go to sleep in real life. It will randomly start raining in this game and your crops will get wooded. If you wait long enough, it will rain long enough for your crops to be wood enough to fully mature without being manually watered. 

You can do it if you plan to play for a long time and you are not interested in Watering your crops but don’t leave your PC on overnight.

You can ask someone to join you on your farming adventure just before harvesting the crops. After that, trap them with fences so that they’re unable to move or escape. Then you can harvest all of your crops like normal and then remove the fence to set them free. They will suddenly shoot out every single bonus crop at the same time allowing you to collect them all without worrying.

3- Use the teleportation well

You cannot get white mushrooms because of those red large mushrooms blocking your way. You can do the quest to upgrade your tools and get over this the normal way.

You can also buy the teleportation well.

After that, go into the build menu, pick it up and move it to the other side. Then just open the map, teleport there for free and you will be on the other side without doing any tool upgrading quests.

4- Make your fruit alley

Fruit is important. You will need fruit to simply restore your energy and give gifts to the characters and even cook some yummy pancakes. The fruit trees are randomly scattered across the entire map and it will take you forever to collect all of them.

You need to pick up every single fruit tree that you have unlocked and place them all next to each other.

So make your fruit tree alley as it has two major benefits. The first one is that you can easily collect all of these fruits at the same time saving you a lot of time. Importantly, you can ask a forger to join you and maximize the benefit that they can provide by getting way more fruits. 

5- Use meals to boost up your running

Lightning Fast-cooked meals will give you bonus energy which will allow you to Adventure for longer. There is another benefit is that your character will move faster when you are well-fed. 

6- Fast travel to other realms

Another Lightning fast tip is that you can easily teleport to other Realms through the map. You don’t have to run to the castle, just open up the map, and press it on the PC. After that, click on any of the Realms you have unlocked, it is pretty helpful when you want to cheat and get free energy from Remy’s kitchen.

7- How to harvest seaweed

Seaweed is very important, there are so many quests that require fiber or rope and both of those require seaweed.

To harvest it, you can randomly find seaweed on the beach but it’s unreliable. So just take your fishing rod into the ocean but not on a bubble spot just randomly anywhere in the ocean you will get some fish but most of the time you will just get seaweed.

8- Emeralds

There are quite a few quests that require you to have emeralds and they are a bit hard to get. So you have to start looking for emeralds early into your playthrough. You can find emeralds by hitting rocks in the forest of Valor and the Glade of trust. Just make sure you do not sell them.

9- Unlock Donald duck

The last and most important tip is that you need to unlock Donald Duck as soon as possible because he does this cute whining while jumping around which is cool to watch.