How to Back Up With Hekate On An Oled Switch

This guide will tell you how to Back Up with Hekate On An Oled Switch.

1- First, click on the Tool button on the Switch screen. Then select Backup eMMC, which will bring you to the Backup page.

2- From this page, you need to click on eMMC Boot0 & Boot1. It will start checking for the available space and creating the backup.

3- Now, boot up your PC, then plug your sd card in, and it will have created a folder on the root of your sd card called backup.

4- Copy this backup folder to a safe place on your pc and then remove your sd card and go back to the switch.

5- Now go back into the tools tab, select Backup eMMC and then select eMMC RAW GPP. It will start backing up the RAW GPP; also, ensure you have enough space on your SD card, as it will take time.

6- Go back to pc, plug in your SD card again, create another backup folder on your switch’s root, and then paste that folder into your PC.