How to Block Players & Unblock in Warzone 2

This guide will let you know how to BLOCK Players & Unblock in WARZONE 2.

Unblock Player

First of all, you have to go to the Recent lobby and select the name of the blocked person. After selecting the name, press X, then go to Block & report and select Unblock.

In case you don’t find a person who you have blocked in the block list, then you have to go to options and navigate to settings by pressing the R1 button. After that, go to Account and Network.

Go to blocked players, you will find this option under the Online tab. Once there, you will definitely find that person you blocked. You have to press X on their name and then select Unblock.

Block Player

First, you have to press the Options button and go to Social. At the top, you will find three options. Using the R1 button, you have to go to Recent and you will find another three options in the middle of your screen. You can select any recent option.

First, you have to go to the recent lobby as it will show you all the names of the players you have recently played with. Select the name of the player you want to block or report and then press X on it. After that, you can select Report or Block. After this, the player will be removed from your recent list and will be added to the blocked or report person list.