How to Change Epic Games Email Without Verification

This guide will tell you how to change Epic Games Email without Verification.

 1- First, search for Epic games on Google and click on the website. Now you need to log in with your account.

2- After that, click on the Google address bar, and from the address, delete the NUS and change it to /Help. It will open the Epic games help center in front of you. Now, scroll down until you see accounts and epic game stores from here; you need to click the Contact Us Button.

3- You will find your username and email address, then you can select which platform you play on or use the epics game store. You have to describe your problem and say something like I can’t access your current email address and would like to change it. Please kindly assist me with something along those lines.

4- It should take a few days for them to get back to you. Make sure you check the email you have entered right here, so they can contact you and see what they tell you. They will guide you through researching your email address.