How to Choose the Best Performance Mode on Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will let you know how to choose the Best Performance Mode on Hogwarts Legacy (Fidelity or Performance) (PS5 & Xbox).

1- By default, Fidelity performance mode is turned ON in Hogwarts Legacy, and when you move around everything, it seems really blurry, and it’s obviously low frames per second. You need to go to options when you’re in the game, then go over to Display and change the performance mode from fidelity to Performance.

2- It will be a much smoother gameplay experience; when you’re moving around, everything will be completely clear. It’s not going to be blurry, and it’s not going to feel sluggish.

3- The issue is that your graphics will be slightly reduced, but the improvement in the gameplay will make up for it. So go ahead and switch between the two, Fidelity, then Fidelity with ray tracing. You will also have performance mode, which should Target 60 frames per second.