How to Defeat Malenia Blade Of Miquella in Elden Ring

This guide will tell you how to easily defeat Malenia in Elden Ring. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions below to defeat her.

You will need a couple of different things to make it happen, just run up the root and activate an incantation to get on top of the root where she can’t hit you. After that, use the Wraith Calling Bell with the Carian Retaliation to get the swords of death and burn her to the ground. To get the Wraith Calling Bell, you need to go to the Laskyar Ruins, ride on to your horse and run directly across to the underground temple.

Move down the stairs and open the door to enter the room. Open the box, and you will find the Wraith Calling Bell.

You can use this bell to charge your shield and then activate the Carian shield to spawn the swords of death and shoot your enemies. After that, head back to the beginning area of the game to the Dragon Burn Ruins, a flying dragon will come out of the sky and you have to defeat this dragon to get a dragon heart.

After that, head to the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion, and walk over to the altar to get rights of the dragon communion. You have to pick up Agheel’s flame.

Make sure that it is equipped and then make sure that you have the Carian Retaliation equipped on the shield. Equip the finger seal and it is recommended to have a shield with a hundred percent physical damage negation on it to block her moves. After that, equip your Wraith Calling Bell equipped and use it with the Carian Retaliation to spawn the swords of death.

After getting inside, just run past Malenia and then walk slowly up to the root. It is when you’ll use Agheel’s flame after the jump and then land on the root. Activate Wraith Calling Bell to get the swords and look in front of you to activate the swords each time. Keep activating these swords and these will continuously burn down Millennia.

She’ll either jump back or jump in the air to attack you but you can block it with your shield. You will be teleported to the middle in phase two and you have to run right past her, then use your spirit summon and walk back up the roots. After that, jump in the air and use Agheel’s flame to sit on the roots to attack her with Wraith Calling Bell and Carian Retaliation. When she gets lower in health, just hop down and kill her on the ground.

After that, you can take her remembrance to the maiden at the round table hold and you can get the hand of Millennia. Also, get the katana as it is incredibly flashy and fun weapon to use.