How to Delete or Remove a Donation Button From Your Stand and Please Donate

This guide will teach you how to delete or remove a Donation button from your Stand and Please Donate. If you have a button and don’t want it to be on your booth, Please Donate, open up the browser on your Chromebook or MacBook, go to, and sign in to your account. Now, go to the menu at the top and select Create. It will take you to “Creations.” You can see this in the “Dashboard.” Move toward the “Experience” tab given right beneath the creations, and there will be two diverse donation buttons that you may have.

The Procedure

First, you will learn about deleting or removing game passes from your stand, and Please Donate. Later, you will discover how to remove shirts. Go under the experience tab and select the place that you can find below the “Create Experience” tab. But you have nothing to do with the Create experience tab. This place comprises your game pass(es), select the place, and you will find the “Associated Items” in the left menu.

After that, click on “Passes” below the associated items. You will find your game pass or passes you must remove from your stand, and Please Donate. Remember that if you have more than one game pass, only the game passes with Robux below them are exhibited in your stand, and Please Donate. Select the exact game pass that you want to remove. When it is loaded in the left menu, select Sales and then go to toggle off the item for sale.

Once you are done with that, select the button that reads “Save Changes” until it shifts to blue, and then select it once again. The Game pass has been updated. Now you may move to the top and look at associated items. You will not find any game pass here that reads Robux below it.

Deleting Or Removing a T-shirt

To delete or remove a Shirt, go to the dashboard again and then go to the “Avatar Items” next to the Experience tab. Select avatar items and then look for the “Shirts”. From here, you need to follow the same process. Turn off the sale after selecting the shirts tab. Save changes, and your shirt will be removed from your stand, and Please Donate.

The Upshot

Now completely close from your browser if it is still open. Then open it again, go to Please Donate and claim a stand. You will find that your Donation button has been deleted from your stand, and Please Donate.