How to Do Bar Resupply and Have Patrons Hanging Out in Your Bar – GTA 5 Online

This guide will show you how to do Bar Resupply and have Patrons Hanging Out in your bar in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Criminal Enterprises.

You will need to enter the bar and ask the bar attender, Sindy, for a drink, or you can also request to accept the resupply bar mission.

You’ll spawn outside after accepting the mission and receive a call from Malc briefing you about getting the supplies. He will recommend you do it with at least one friend. He will tell you that the supplies might break if you exceed the speed limit.

After that, you must drive to the van with the supplies and start driving the car. The bikers will start to spawn, and they will attack you. Now it is where you need a friend to target these bikers. You have to reach the clubhouse to complete this mission. After that, enter the bar, and you will find a lot of patrons hanging in there.