How to Download & Install Mods On F1 22

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of downloading and installing mods in the F1 22 game.

Step 1: Get Your Mods

  • Visit the Mods Hub to download the latest and most used mods for F1 22. Create an account if necessary.
  • Choose your preferred mod, like the Sparkly Red Haas skin, and hit the Download button. The file will likely be in RAR format.
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Step 2: Convert to Zip

  • Use an online converter to turn the RAR file into a ZIP file for easier integration into the game.
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Step 3: Get Base Files

  • Download the “Modular Mods 22 – Base Files” package mod.
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Step 4: Prepare F1 22 Folder

  • Open the base files package, access the F1 22 folder, and copy all its contents.

Step 5: Access Game Files via Steam

  • Launch the Steam application and find F1 22 in your library. Right-click and select “Manage” followed by “Browse Local Files” to open the game folder.
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Step 6: Transfer and Replace Files

  • Paste the copied files into the F1 22 game folder.
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Step 7: Install Mod

  • Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file for the Sparkly Red Haas mod.
  • Locate the “Modular Mods” folder and copy its contents.
  • Navigate to the “Modular Mods” folder in your F1 22 game directory and paste the contents here.
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Step 8: Launch F1 22

  • Start the game through the Steam client. Navigate to “Virtual Showroom” > “F1 Cars” > “Haas F1 Team”.
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Step 9: Mod Removal (if needed)

  • To remove mods, access Steam, right-click on F1 22, select “Manage,” then “Properties.”
  • Under “Local Files”, manage mods or verify the integrity of files for the original game setup by pressing the ‘Verify Integrity of files’ tab.
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By following the above steps you can easily download and install useful mods in your F1 22 game.