How to Equip Camos, Decals & Stickers to Weapon in Warzone 2

In this guide, you will find out how to equip CAMOS, Decals & Stickers to WEAPON in Warzone 2.

You will need to boot up your game, then go to the Weapons tab and select Warzone Loadout from the bottom right side of your screen. After that, choose a weapon and then go to a Gunsmith. It will bring you to the build weapon option and you have to press the R1 button to go to the Customize tab. You can add a camo there.

Most of the Camos will be locked, you have to go to a camo and then see what you have to do to unlock that camo. After equipping the camo, you can equip a gun screen and can put charms. Also, you can add stickers.