How to Equip The Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack in Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will let you know how to equip The Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack in Hogwarts Legacy.

1- First, press options and go over to gear in the upper left. You can equip the Dark Art set now, but first, you need to have an item selected. For this, go to headwear, and you will find that you have nothing selected, you can choose something here.

2- After equipping something, you will have the Something Selected option to change appearance.

3- So, if you press Square, you can choose the Dark Arts hat and also the dark arts Garrison hat. After that, you can change the appearance of the Hat.

4- Now go back and navigate to Neckwear. You need to do the same thing, equip something, back out, change the appearance, and you can see the Dark Art scarf. Let’s equip that, and you can do the same thing with the rope and everything else. So just change the appearance, and you’ll find everything under your collection.