How to Extract 5 Self Revives in DMZ Warzone 2 (Medical Mule)

In this guide, you will find out how to extract 5 Self Revives in DMZ Warzone 2 (Medical Mule).

First of all, boot up your game, and the self-revive will be found in the medical cabinets. You can find these in bathrooms in most buildings, so if you open up the cabinet in the H5 location in the Hospital, then this one actually has two self-revives in it.

The hospital locations will have a bunch of these medical cabinets throughout the entire map. The hospitals have a small little Shack just south of the buildings, and then there’s one up by the roundabout. It’s located in F4, you can see the little building next to it. You will also find the hospitals in the C3 location on the map.

Another thing about doing this DMZ mission is when you go ahead and have teammates extract if they have any kind of self-revives on their inventory or in their inventory that will count towards your challenge as well.

If you travel around to different buy stations and buy self-revives but not every buy station will have self-revives. So you might have to travel around to various different locations to find them before you can actually purchase them, but that might be the easiest way to go ahead and find them.