How to Feed An Infant – The Sims 4

This guide will let you know how to feed an Infant in The Sims 4. There are three methods to feed an infant.

  1. Bottle Feed Method

You need to click on the infant while controlling another sim and select the More Choices option. After that, click on Baby Care, tap on Feed, and then choose the “Bottle Feed” option.

2. Breastfeed method

You need to carry an infant and select the More Choices option. Tap on Baby Care, click on Feed, and choose the Breastfeed option.

3. Using a High Chair

Your sim must have unlocked the “Sit Up” milestone for this method to work. After that, go into the build mode, type “high chair” and tap on the “High Chair in Dining Chairs” option to buy a high chair. You can select the high chair you want.

Then go back to the live mode, click on the high chair, and select “Help (name) Try First Baby Food”.

The baby food feature allows your sim to choose different foods to feed their infants. It will not cost any money to feed an infant using the high chair. If the infant likes or dislikes the food, a message will appear on the screen.

If the infant is unaware of food the ate, you need to feed them the same food again and let them discover whether they like it or not.

To check your infant’s eating habits, you need to click on your infant and choose the “Help (name) Explore Food” option.