How to Find Ancient Netherite in Minecraft

In this guide, we will share 3 methods to find Ancient Netherite in Minecraft.

Method 1 Strip Mining

This method is easy, just strip mine with a pickaxe at Y-level 15. It isn’t the fastest method, but if you are in the early game, this is the way to go. This method should get you around 30 ancient Debris per hour. If you don’t want to use this method then there is another method for you.

Method 2 Bed Mining

Place a bed in a tunnel and place 2 blocks in front of it. Now right-click, this will make sure that you won’t die. Now search for any ancient debris. If you can’t find any simply go back in the tunnel and try again. Ancient debris doesn’t explode, so that’s why this works. This time we got some ancient debris. This method is effective but will take a lot of beds. And that’s bad because one bed takes one whole inventory slot. So that means that you can’t carry that many beds.

Method 3 TNT Mining

Place TNT every 4 blocks in a tunnel at Y level 15. Keep doing this until you are out of TNT. This method is the best and will get you around 70 ancient debris per hour. After you are done placing the TNT, simply right-click with your flint and steel. This should explode some of the TNT. Not all TNT will explode, but that’s okay you can just activate the TNT again. But make sure to mine all the ancient debris you see before you do that. This is the best method and will give you around 70 ancient Debris per hour.