How to Find Jumper Cables & Deliver to Dead Drop in DMZ Warzone 2

In this guide, you will find how to find Jumper Cables & Deliver them to Dead Drop in DMZ Warzone 2.

First, you will need to boot up your game. The jumper cables can be found commonly throughout the entire map, and for the Dead Drop, you want to bring it to the one that’s in the F4 location in the marshlands. So, if you get it to a different Dead Drop, it won’t count towards your mission, so bring it to this one specifically.

When you reach this dead drop location, go into the building next to it. If you go through here and even look into clothes sometimes, they could be on shelves but are commonly found throughout the entire map. You will find a lot of jumper cables in the tiny little toolboxes, so if you open that, you will find a jumper cable.

Sometimes, you’ll find them on tables. So go through the entire building, and you will find a lot of jumper cables.