How to Fix Lost connect to Host/Server in Warzone 2

This guide will tell you how to fix Warzone 2/Warfare 2 Lost connect to Host/Server, search for the match not work Error.

1- First, ensure that the Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 servers are currently online because if they’re not, then you’re going to get a connection error. To check this, click on the following link

2- It will take you to the Activision page, and it says Modern Warfare 2 Online and Warzone 2 online in the middle of the screen.

3- If you do not see these games here, then click on the select game on the drop-down list and select each one to check the status. After that, you can see the online services are online and they will work absolutely fine.

4- Now, close down the web browser, and right-click on your network adapter on the bottom right side of the screen. Select Open network and internet settings from the pop-up menu.

5- Once you have done this, click on the Change network adapter and then right-click on the network adapter. Select Disable, then again click on it and enable it.

6- It will now reconnect to the internet and give the adapter a fresh start. Once that’s finished, try the game again and see if that helped.

7- If you are still facing the issue, then click on the start menu at the bottom left side of the screen and type CMD. Run the command prompt as an administrator by clicking on Run as administrator.

8- Enter the command ipconfig /flushdns and then press enter. After that, launch Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone and see whether your issue is solved.

9- In case you are still facing the issue, right-click on the network adapter again in the bottom right side of the screen and click on Open network and internet settings.

10- Then click on change adapter options, right-click on your network adapter, and go to properties. After that, select Internet Protocol version 4.

11- Go to properties and click on the Use the following DMS server addresses option. Then enter DNS write for preferred DNS and click on Ok.

12- After that, right-click on the Network Adapter, go back to Internet Protocol version 4 properties, and select Obtain DNS server address automatically. Click on OK, launch the game, and see if it fixes your issue.

13- You also have to make sure that your internet connection is working properly; if you are using Wifi, then try to use an ethernet cable as it provides better stability and speed. It will also reduce the chances of lag within the game. Also, try to go close to the router in case you are using boosters. Also, one time remove your Wifi from the socket and then plug it back in.

14- In case you are using any VPN, you need to turn it OFF as it causes problems.

15- After that, open Steam, then find COD and right-click on it. Go to properties, click on the local files on the left side of your screen, and then tap on Verify integrity of the game files.

16- It will make sure that no file of the game is missing and it will also check if any of the game files are corrupted. After that, launch the game and see if it fixes your issue.