How to Fix World War 3 Crash Error

This guide will let you know how to fix World War 3 Crash error, WW3 encountered a critical error and could not recover.

First, make sure that your internet is stable and strong because when the internet is intermittent this error will also appear.

Method 1: Close unnecessary background apps

1- You have to make sure to close all the programs running in the background as they cause issues in the game launching.

2- Unplug any devices plugged into your PC, and then unplug the USB, microphones but don’t unplug the keyboard and mouse. After that, launch the game and see if it fixes your problem.

Method 2: Turn Off In-game Overlays

1- The overlays can be helpful when playing a game, as they allow you to access the app without minimizing your game. However, the application has to interfere with the game process to give you an overlay of the app in a game. Some games end up crashing because of this interference. Therefore, turning off the in-game overlays will fix the issue.

2- To turn off In-game Overlays, open the GeForce Experience and go to Settings. You will find IN-GAMEOVERLAY, just disable it.

3- On AMD Radeon Software, go to Settings and then navigate to Preferences. Look for the General section of preferences and then disable the switch named “In-Game Overlay” by clicking or tapping on it.

4- On Discord, go to settings, scroll down and you will find Game Overlay on the left side of the screen. Click on it and then disable it.

5- On Steam, go to Settings by clicking on the Steam button at the top left side of the screen. Select In-Game from the left side and uncheck the “Enable the steam overlay while in-game” option.

Method 3: Update Graphics Drivers

1- First, you must ensure that your Windows is fully up to date. For this, go to the bottom left side of your screen to the Search button, write an “update” on it, and click on Check for Update.

2- A new window will pop up, navigate down, and click “check for updates”. It will scan your machine to see if there are any updates available.

3- Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Then expand the Display Adaptors and you will find your graphics card there.

4- To update NVidia drivers, click on the following link After reaching this page, select your product type, and your product series. Last, select your operating system and then click on Search.

5- It will take you to a new page and you need to click on the Download button. Once the download completes, run the setup, agree to the agreement, and click on Next. It will start installing.

6- It is for AMD processer users, go to the Start menu to search for System information and open it up. After that, find the processor and you will find the number of your graphics card there.

7- Now click on the following link and it will take you to the AMD website. You will find a list of a variety of options there, select the graphics, and then find your graphics card. After that, select the version and click on the Submit button.

Select your operating system for download expand that operating system, and then click on Download.

8- Once the downloading is complete, open the AMD downloaded file and install the latest AMD drivers. Now, expand the advance options and select the factory reset option as it will install the fresh version of the drivers. After that, click on the Install button.

method 4 temporarily uninstall

1- Now make sure that your security software is not blocking the easy entity. You have to put it in game mode or in passive mode or you can just disable it for some time or Uninstall it. Hopefully, it will fix your issue.

Method 5: Verify the integrity of game files.

If you are still facing the issue, then open steam and go into the library tab. Find the game, right-click on it, and go to properties. Click on the local files from the left side of your screen and tap on verify the integrity of game files. It will solve the issue if there is any corrupted file. After that, launch the game.

Method 6: Uninstall and reinstall the Graphics driver(DDU)

1- For this, use a third-party utility called Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to uninstall your graphics drivers. DDU allows you to uninstall your graphics card drivers for NVIDIA and AMD. Unlike generic uninstallation, DDU is thorough in its approach and does not leave any files or registry keys behind.

2- Click on the following link and it will take you to the official website for DDU and download the latest version available. Run the downloaded file and extract the files to your desired location.

3- After that, navigate to the directory and open the Display Driver Uninstaller.exe file. When the tool opens, you will be shown a General Options window. You can choose to enable additional options. However, it is not necessary.

4- Choose GPU from the Select device and type the drop-down menu on the DDU window. After that, choose your graphics card manufacturer from the drop-down menu. Finally, click on the Clean and restart button to uninstall your graphics drivers.

5- Once your PC boots, head to your manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers available. Install the drivers and see if the problem still occurs.

Method 7: Turn OFF XMP and overclock CPU, GPU

1- Overclocking your RAM, CPU, and GPU can be helpful to get the most out of them. However, in some scenarios, your RAM, CPU, and GPU may be unstable, which can cause your system or the games you are playing to crash. Hopefully, it will solve your issue.

2- In case you are still facing the issue, then uninstall the World War 3 game and reinstall it.