How to Get A Green House on Coral Island

This guide will let you know how to get a Green House in Coral Island.

It spins around, providing offerings to the temple. You have to go to Lake Temple and present your offerings. You will find that you need to complete all to open up the greenhouse.

The essential resources are pretty easy to get. Then go to the Spring tab and you have to grow all these things in spring. A few of them are found, such as mushrooms and you can find Wasabi strolling around. Some products cannot be grown, and one of them is blueberry. You have to enhance your rank in the town to be allowed. Ocean loot is a bit difficult to get.

When you go underwater for scuba diving, the sea salt will resemble the rocks. Therefore, they can be overlooked at times. So you need to keep your eyes open and collect pick them up.

You will have the greenhouse once you have this completed.