How to Get Accessories for Your Ship in Arcane Odyssey

This guide will let you know how to upgrade your bow inside of Arcane Odyssey.

You will need blueprints to upgrade your boat to get all armour and cannons. You have to sink ships, it is recommended to attack the small ones that aren’t reinforced, but if you are a bit higher level, you can start attacking the reinforced ones. You must have a crew to shoot your cannons and a decent amount of cannibals. It is recommended to wait till day and then look for pirate ships. If you don’t want to keep your bounty, then you can straight up just kill anyone.

Once you find the ships, you must sink them before attacking them. The sailboats are a bit easier to sink. After sinking the boat, you need to jump down on the boat and kill everyone on it.

Remember that you just have to kill the ship crew, not the captain, and then the chest will spawn in. After that, take it and then leave.

After getting the chest, go back to an outpost and set it to the ship keeper; it will give you a blueprint. And with that blueprint, you can buy accessories for your ship.