How to Get Mirabel The Golden Doorknob – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This brief guide will show you how to get Mirabel The Golden Doorknob in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

At first, you will need to give the doorknob to Merlin, and he will tell you to capture photographs of different villagers (x3), present various villagers with their cherished gifts (x2) and have a daily discussion with them (x2). So find Olaf to accomplish your first daily discussion, and further, ask him how his day is going and then say goodbye to him. Then go to the left side, where you will find another girl, and discuss the same thing with her.

Daily discussion with Olaf

After that, present them with their favourite gifts by starting with Olaf, which is clay.

Olaf’s gift; Clay from the gift section

In case you want to know what villagers want right now, go to the Collection tab and then go to the Character section. Click on the character and you will find his favourite thing on the bottom side of the screen.

Villagers favorites section

After that, capture photographs of all the villagers at your backside.

Later, you need to go back to Merlin and inform him you have done all tasks. After that, give Dreamlight to Merlin, which will cost you 500 points.

Presenting Dreamlight to Merlin

Now you will require to place a building, which you can rotate and adjust as per the size of the given plot. And then welcome Maribel there to complete the quest.

A building placed at the plot