How to Get Rich in Roblox Winds of Fortune

This guide will show you how to get rich conveniently in Roblox Winds of Fortune.

First, you need to join a quest that comes from this board right here. Then you can accept Quest where you can get chest and money and all that good stuff. However, it is actually not the best way to earn money what you need to do is keep on doing these quests until you reach level five.

You need to head over to the dock that’s on the starter Island. Go to the guy who is in that area.

You will find this board right there, go close to it to see all these missions where you’re gonna make all your money. The right side one gives you 4000 and the other one gives you 3000.

After that, go ahead to ‘Accept mission‘, you can add two from the right side at once as they are on the same island. You can do it faster and grind it. Now you need to accept both of those sets this one that’s 4000 and the other one for 2000.

Now you need to go to your ship and once you’re on your ship, go ahead and you will find crates in the front. They could be like pots, vases, jewellery, or anything. But in this case, it’s just two crates of goods.

Whenever you start the drive, you need to press ‘M‘ and then you will see an ‘X‘ on Hunter’s Guild which is where you got your quest. You need to go ahead and start making your way over there. Because your mission is to deliver these Goods that you got from here to there.

Once you have parked, you need to go up to the goods that you got from the mission, pick them up and then to the island that they sent you to you want to go up to their dealer.

For instance, here cargo Merchant, you need to press ‘E‘ and turn in the cargo Mission and you will get 4000 for that one. Then here’s the other and get 3000 for that one, and that is how you made a quick 6000 cash.