How to Get Soul Guitar & Mythical Puzzle in Blox Fruits

This guide will let you know how to get SOUL GUITAR & Mythical Puzzle in Blox Fruits!

The First Game

You have to hold for the full moon, then pray at the gravestone on the haunted castle island. The gravestone will inquire to play a game. For the first game, head over to the lake beside the castle. You need to attract all those zombies to the lake and kill all of them right away. It is kind of difficult.

The Second Game

Head back to the gravestone, and there will be a sign beside the path. Arbitrarily, click all the signs until the game is completed.

The Third Game

Head inside the castle. The door upstairs will be open, talk to the ghost.

The Fourth Game

Leave the room, go right and you should see a few trophies on the bottom. Now you should either memorize all the trophies’ positions and where they are facing. Or just take a screenshot of what they look like right now. Then head to the underground of the castle. You will see this is simple if the trophy is facing vertically then click a pattern until it’s vertical. If the spot is empty, click three times and it will be empty, it’s really easy.

The Last Game

It is simple, in the same room you are in. You can see the buttons on the ground, and match them to the wire color. If there is no wire in the straight line for any button, ignore it and leave the button empty. The NPC will be produced right in the room, you may buy the sole guitar from him. You may get dark pieces by slaying black beard in the second sea and ectoplasm from the damned ship, bones from the possessed castle