How to Get to the Second Sea in Blox Fruits

This guide will help you to get to the Second Sea in the Blox Fruits game. First, you have to reach level 700, meet the military detective, and make a journey to the frozen village. After that, confront the ice admiral boss, return to the military detective, and finally travel to Middletown.

Reach Level 700

In this section, we will take you through the steps to get to reach Level 700. It ensures that your character has gained sufficient experience and strength to explore new areas.

  • To unlock access to the second sea, you need to achieve a minimum character level of 700.
  • Engage in quests offered within the game and completing quests provides XP that contributes to levelling up your character. Defeating enemies, both NPCs and bosses also grants XP and aids in levelling up.
  • Continue to participate in quests and battles to accumulate XP.
  • Keep track of your progress toward reaching level 700 by observing your character’s experience bar and level indicator.
    Upon reaching level 700, you’ll receive a special quest that marks your eligibility to explore the second sea.
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Meet the Military Detective

This section describes how to get to meet the military detective character located near the prison area.

  • Head towards the prison location within the game world and look around the vicinity of the prison area for a character named the Military Detective.
  • Pay attention to any visual cues that might indicate the presence of the military detective.
    In some games, characters might have unique uniforms, icons above their heads, or other identifying features.
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Journey to the Frozen Village

This section will take you through the steps to get to take the journey to the frozen village.

  • After finding the military detective near the prison, interact with them to trigger a conversation.
    During the conversation, the military detective will provide you with instructions on how to reach the Frozen Village.
  • Pay close attention to the information they give you, as it will guide you on your next steps.
  • The objective is to reach the Frozen Village, a small village where the yeti boss is located.
    The detective’s guidance will likely include directions or landmarks to follow.
  • Make sure you have the necessary keys mentioned by the detective before you leave. In this case, ensure that you have the key required for your visit to the Frozen Village.
    Follow the directions provided by the military detective to reach the Frozen Village.
  • The village might be located in a snowy or icy area, so keep an eye out for such terrain, and upon arriving at the Frozen Village, explore the area to find its main gathering point.
    Your goal is to find the ice Admiral, who is likely a character within the Frozen Village.
  • Look for NPCs with distinctive appearances that may denote their significance. Ensure you have the key with you, as mentioned by the detective to unlock and interact with specific NPCs.
  • Approach the ice Admiral and initiate interaction by using the appropriate key.
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Confront the Ice Admiral Boss

This section describes how to get to confront the Ice Admiral Boss.

  • Return to the cave where you previously acquired your Haki ability and use the key you received from the military detective earlier to unlock the door to the cave.
    The key should grant you access to the area where the ice Admiral boss awaits.
  • Once the door is unlocked, proceed inside the cave to the boss area.
    Within the boss area, you’ll find the formidable ice Admiral waiting for you.
  • Initiate the battle by approaching the ice Admiral and triggering the fight. Employ your combat strategy to defeat the ice Admiral.
    Utilize your attacks, dodges, and any abilities at your disposal to deal damage while avoiding the boss’s attacks.
    Once you’ve successfully defeated the ice Admiral, you’ll achieve victory in the battle. This victory will likely allow you to progress further in the game’s storyline and quest.
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Return to the Military Detective

In this section, we will take you through the steps to return to the military detective.

  • After successfully defeating the ice Admiral, exit the boss area and make your way back to the entrance of the Haki cave.
  • Head back to the location where you originally met the military detective and interact with them. Use the available dialogue options to report your success in defeating the ice Admiral. The detective’s response will likely acknowledge your progress in the game’s questline.
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Travel to Middletown

This section describes how to get to the second sea in the Blox Fruits game by travelling to Middletown.

  • After reporting your success to the military detective, engage in a conversation with them to learn about the final step to reach the second sea.
  • Once you’ve obtained the necessary information from the detective, exit the conversation.
  • Use the in-game map of the game world to locate and head to Middletown and travel to Middletown by navigation markers provided on the map.
  • Once you’ve arrived in Middletown, keep an eye out for NPCs who might have quest markers above their heads.
    Completing the quest related to Middletown will likely grant you access to the second sea.
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