How to get Voice Chat in Roblox

This guide will teach you how to get voice chat in Roblox.

First, go to the Roblox homepage and click on About Us. Then go to the ‘Education‘ button and click Contact. After that, click the Roblox FAQ option to go to the next page, and press ‘click here.’

After going to the next page, click on Roblox support and then click on contact us. Later go to the second bullet tab and click on the Support form.

Now under the ‘contact information,’ you need to put some information in the relevant boxes, such as username and email address, and re-confirm it.

Next, in the ‘Issue Details‘ section, select the type of device you are using. The layout may differ if you use some android or apple devices. Press data privacy request and select right of access (ROA).

After that, write a suitable description to Roblox to trick them into giving you Roblox voice chat, as this method works well before it gets patched.

First, write some specific description about yourself. Putting up the phone number is compulsory as it is connected to your address. Later you have to write your IP address from the internet as everybody knows the IP address, and you have to submit it.

Later, Roblox will encounter your email and send you a confirmation.