How to Increase Carrying Capacity on Character in Starfield

This guide will let you know how to increase the carrying capacity of the character in Starfield.

Using Weightlifting

In this section, we will take you through the steps to increase the carrying capacity of a character by using Weightlifting. 

  • Launch the game, and navigate to your character’s skills menu. Click on the category related to Physical skills and locate the skill called Weightlifting.
    You can invest skill points into the Weightlifting skill. It will increase your carrying capacity by a specified amount per rank. 
  • As you level up the Weightlifting skill, reach Rank 4 to gain significant benefits.
    At Rank 4, it often provides a substantial increase in your carrying capacity, such as 100 kilograms, along with additional bonuses like resistance to stagger.
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Using Gears

This section describes how to use gears in order to increase the carrying capacity of a character.

  • After maxing out the weightlifting skill, check your character’s details.
    You should see that your character’s carrying capacity has significantly increased. 
  • Inspect your character’s equipped gear, such as armour or clothing.
    There’s a piece of gear called the Reactive Recon Spacesuit. This suit has a bonus that states that weapon holsters weigh 50 percent less.
  • You can reduce the weight of specific types of items, such as weapon holsters.

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Using Mods

This section explains how to increase the carrying capacity of a character by using mods. 

  • In the game, navigate to the Science Tree in the character’s skill menu. You have to invest skill points into the Space Suit Design skill.
    This skill is essential for unlocking space suits and gear mods.
  • Proceed to visit a research lab, look for the category related to Spacesuit Mods, and research these mods. 
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  • One of the modifications you can research is a Boost Pack mod called Mod Pack 2.
    This mod adds 10 kilograms of carrying capacity to your character’s Boost Pack.
  • After researching the Mod Pack 2 mod, apply it to your character’s Boost Pack at a designated workbench modification station. Additionally, you can research and apply spacesuit mods that increase your carrying capacity

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