How to Install Compact Crafting UI Mod in Starfield

Compact Crafting UI lets the players see more items and recipes at once. This mode increases viewable items by 120% and modifies the crafting menu. 

To install the Compact Crafting UI mod in Starfield, you can follow these straightforward methods:

FOMOD Install:

For a FOMOD installation, you have the flexibility to choose your desired options through the mod manager integrated into the installer. While installing ensure that the “Large Menu Fonts” Accessibility feature is turned off.

Manual Install:

If you opt for a manual installation, begin by extracting the Data folder from your chosen mod into the Starfield game directory. Ensure that you transfer the content of the Data folder carefully to integrate the mod properly.

  1. It’s crucial to verify that this mod takes precedence over any other mods that may alter the same files within the game. Overwriting conflicting files ensures that the desired changes from this mod will be applied correctly.
  2. Now, you’d need to download the Basic StarfieldCustom.ini file from the miscellaneous files section. 
  3. Now move the StarfieldCustom.ini to this location: “Documents/My Games/Starfield”.
  4. If you already have a StarfieldCustom.ini file then you can edit the file by adding the following lines in it.

That’s it, the mod is now installed.