How to Install LML for Red Dead Redemption (cracked version)

In this guide, you’ll learn how to install the cracked version of the LML for the Red Dead Redemption 2.

Step 1: Check Game Folder Contents

Before proceeding, ensure that specific files such as “version.dll” and “d3d12.dll” are not present in the game folder. These could potentially interfere with the installation or functioning of LML or other mods.

Step 2: Script Hook Installation

Now download and install ScriptHook required for the mods to function properly.

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Step 3: Download the LML Mod Loader

Download the specific version of LML (a mod loader or modification tool for the game). Version 8 seems to be specified as necessary for compatibility.

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Step 4: File Extraction and Movement

Extract all the files from the downloaded LML mod loader. Move the entire “lml_rdr_beta_8” folder (extracted from the downloaded files) into the Red Dead Redemption game folder.

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Step 5: Open Subfolder

Now open the “lml_rdr_beta_8” folder then, go into the ModLoader folder, copy all the files from it, and paste them into the game folder as well.

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Step 6: Setup Mods

Next we need to open the ‘lml’ folder from the Red Dead Redemption 2 game folder. Move all the mods to this folder.

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Step 7: Ensure LML Works

  • Now to ensure that the LML works, you need to install this Zip file.
  • Now, open the “ScriptHook” folder, then go into the “bin” folder and transfer all the files from it into the game folder. This step likely ensures compatibility between the mods and the game.
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Now copy the custom video folder that you got from the zip file downloaded earlier and place it into the ‘lml’ folder of the Red Dead Redemption folder.

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Step 8: Mod Testing

Test the functionality of the mods within the game to ensure they’re working as intended. This step involves verifying that the mods are operational and not causing any issues or conflicts within the game.10

By following the above steps you can easily install the LML in your Red Dead Redemption 2.