How to Install multiMAN & webMAN On A PS3

Are you crazy about playing games on PlayStation? This place is for you. You will find out here how to install Multiman and Webman on your jailbroken PS3.

Download Files

You must have a USB to plug into your laptop or PC.

And then go to the following two links to discover the downloads: and You need to download these files.

Copy the files

When you finish it, create a folder in your USB and name it PS3. Copy and paste both files to that folder in your USB.

If you are not doing it with one of the links above, you must follow another method to access the same links.

If you are using Filezilla:

Download and install the Filezilla downloader, open it up, type the IP address of your PS3, and then type 21 in the port option. You can access the files. You can also download other games and applications by dragging them to the right folder.

Make sure your hand jailbreak is connected. Now, go to the Package file manager, and click Standard. You will find two files there that are downloadable. Both these files are essential to any PS3. Just download and install them.

That is how you can install multi-man and web man into your PS3 without any difficulty.