How to Install PS4 60FPS Patches with GoldHEN

In this guide, you will find out how to install PS4 60FPS Patches with GoldHEN.

PS4 Setup

1- First of all, switch over to your console to do the good old classic bloodborne 60fps patch by Lance McDonald. It will lower the resolution to 720p, unlocks the framerate, fixes the game speed tied to the frame rate issue, and basically get you running at 60 FPS on bloodborne.

2- Go to the home screen of your PS, open the internet browser, and load up an exploit page that has the latest version of the gold hen. You can use the chameleon’s host which is at, so go to that website and select the option for the AIO host.

3- Then let that load, go to the manual host exploit menu, and select the light host. You will have the gold hand version 2.2.5 B7, the latest version so you just have to run the latest version of the gold hen.

4- Once you have gold hen running, if you’re installing Linux to the internal hard drive, then enable the FTP server in Gold hen by going to the gold 10 options. Go to server settings and enable the FTP server, then a notification shows your IP address on the port number to connect to FTP, so now your FTP server is running.

5- Now click on the following link to download the latest version of the gold hen cheats manager. Also, you need to download the test.prx which is the plugin file by the illusion that makes this whole thing work with gold hen. For this, click on the link

6- Install it manually using FTP because it’s quicker you could copy it to a USB drive and then use PS4 Explorer to copy the plugin to the hard drive. Now open FileZilla, enter the PS4’s IP address in the host box and then the port number is 2121. After that, click on the Quick Connect button.

7- Once it is connected, go into the Data folder on the hard drive and navigate to the gold hen folder. Here you’ve got cheat patches and temp create another folder in here called plugins, go into that folder, and copy the test.prx file inside this folder. After that, everything will be set up and installed.

Console Settings

1- If you’re booting Linux from the internal hard drive, then you must check how much storage space you have available. For this, go into storage and you will find the available storage. Linux requires around 20 GB of free storage, if you have that much storage available, then you are good to go.

2- Now, go back into settings and scroll down to Sound and Screen to change your video output settings. First, change the resolution and set it to something lower than 4K 1080p, it might work on 720p as well. The recommendation is it must not be 4K, if it’s 4K, you will not regain a signal when you boot into Linux. So set it to 1080p.

3- Set the RGB range to full and make sure that HDR is off. Set the deep color output to OFF.

4- After that, go back to the system and make sure that the “Enable HDMI Device” link is disabled. You also want to disable HDCP. If you have a PS4 Pro, then enable boost mode as it will give you a bit more performance.

Cheat Manager Setup

1- To install the gold hen cheats manager which you can do by copying it to the root of a USB drive, make sure the USB drive is formatted in the x-fat format so that the PS4 can read it. After that, eject that USB and plug it into the PS4.

2- On the PS4, just go into the Gold Hen menu, then go into the debug settings package installer and install the gold hen sheets manager.

3- Once the gold hen cheats manager is installed, update it and make sure you have the latest patches installed.

4- Then you will get the cheap files for the patches, and you will get 145 patches installed. Now should be ready to go, so if you go into the new patches section in the gold 10 sheets manager, you can apply the patches for the game. So here’s-bloodborne, the star shows games that you actually have installed.

5- Go into cheat settings and then go to show title ID and app version. If you enable it, you can see what version of the game you have installed, you can see cusa03173 and you are on version 1.09.

6- You can also go to information to make sure you’re definitely on the correct version because if you install a patch that the game version doesn’t actually update unless you go back into gold hen and disable the title IDs and then enable it again and it refreshes as it will not refresh automatically.

7- Once the correct version of bloodborne is patched, select it, and then you can apply whatever patch you want. There’s a frame pacing fix you have got the 60fps patch.

8- Now, press X on that to enable the 60fps and then enable the resolution patch to lower the frame rate to 720p. So you can actually achieve 60fps on the game by enabling the resolution patch for 720p.

9- Also do the skip intro logos which will just skip the kind of company logos that pop up at the beginning of the game when you launch it, so you can get into the main menu faster

10- After that, press the back button and then the PS button to close the gold hen cheats manager. Then come back to the PS 4 Home screen.

Test Patch

First, run bloodborne and see the time when you launch it, the 60fps patch is applied so there’s an FPS counter that gets 156 patches applied. As you can see, there are no company logos, just go straight into the game you can tell already it’s running at 720p and there it is in the bottom left-hand corner this 60 fps patch was made by Lance McDonald.

As this is a 60 FPS patch, it is much smoother, and you can see the FPS is no longer in the sort of 29.30 range. That’s now in the sort of 59.60 range.

Disable Patches

First, close the game, run the gold hand sheets manager again, and then go to the patches. Go back to bloodborne, and then you can disable it. You can turn it off and also you can turn everything back off again. It will bring it back to normal or you could enable one of the other patches like the frame pacing fix or disabling chromatic aberration or motion blur, so you could do those things as well.